Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Video Drops

Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Video Shows Off San Francisco

After a bunch of leaks and speculation, Ubisoft’s hand has been forced. The much anticipated and expected Watch Dogs 2 has been unveiled in the form of the Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Video. Check out the video below for 18 minutes of gameplay, developer interviews, and insights into the creation of what Ubisoft hopes will be a standout title this coming fall.

It certainly seems that Watch Dogs 2 is bigger, better, badder, and broader – you know, the 4 B’s I just invented – than its predecessor, and is infinitely more ambitious. It looks awesome, and we can’t wait to play around in this Bay Area playground. Can they pull it off? we’re damn optimistic at this point!

watch dogs 2 world premiere video

With this out of the way, what will Ubisoft be showing from Watch Dogs 2 at E3? We’re going to find out in just under a week. Keep it locked on COG for all the latest straight from the big show!