UFC 3 Video Review – Opens The Door For Newcomers to The Octagon

UFC 3 Video Review

When EA Studios first introduced UFC to video games, the result was far less than ideal. The gaming community had experience with brawlers, fighters, and pro wrestling games, but MMA is another animal entirely. Despite the niche audience for the game, EA had striven to do something better and four years later they have developed the MMA game we should have had all along. UFC 3 is a much more refined experience, keeping the authenticity of the sport and the fighters alive but simply making things better: better speed, better graphics – it’s simply an all-around superior game. Check out our video review below to see the improvements of UFC 3 and what makes it the best entry into MMA gaming today.

UFC 3 is the latest iteration in EA’s MMA video game series. The game succeeds in mimicking the feel, look, and physics of the sport, as well as including an in-depth career mode called Greatest Of All Time. Much like the recent career modes for Madden or NHL – both EA properties – G.O.A.T. will see the choices players make affect their path to becoming a legend, as well as gaining fans, doing promotions, and earning cash. Players can also use an in-game social media system to start their own rivalries with other characters.

UFC 3 TOP (1280x) Joanna Jędrzejczyk

While the standard face-to-face fare of combat offers a lot of freedom to your playstyle, grounded combat feels awkward and unnatural. This, coupled with a system that favors blocking over attacking, impede the game slightly, but otherwise provide an authentic and satisfying MMA experience.

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