Triangle Strategy Video Review – Combat and Conversation

Triangle Strategy Video Review

What we have here is a juggling act. At a glance, Triangle Strategy looks like a straight-forward turn-based strategy game. However, there are more elements to the game that are equally as important as the combat. You have to be strategic on and off the battlefield.

In the world of Triangle Strategy, there is a sacred item called the Scales of Conviction. The Scales allow for a chance for the player to influence the path of the story by rallying other people to their side of a debate. Decisions made by the player will either strengthen or weaken bonds with certain characters.

Triangle Strategy

If you are expecting these sections of discussion to be short interludes to break up the thrill of combat, you would be mistaken. As important as the battles are to advance the game, there are a lot of people you may be talking to and broadening the story with. These parts seem to be just as important as the fights.

Speaking of which, the combat in Tringle Strategy is a lot like other strategy RPGs you may have played, such as Fire Emblem. Players can fill their team with a wide variety of characters and their unique skills. A balanced team will have healers, buffing characters, and tanks.

The pacing of Triangle Strategy may be a trying element on its own. If you are ready to really dig deep into the story, Triangle Strategy might be up your alley.

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