Soulcalibur VI Video Review – Sexy High Calibur Fighting

Soulcalibur VI Video Review

Whether you’re a fighting game fan or not, Soulcalibur VI is probably on your radar. After all, it’s high energy fighting with a cast that includes Geralt of Rivia (you know, that Geralt), and it’s a series that has always been known for providing a fun time in both the story and combat departments.  It’s a fighting game franchise that’s been out for a long time, but with each title, it’s gotten a little more inaccessible plot-wise to new players, so how does Soulcalibur VI fit in?

Turns out, Soulcalibur VI has managed to turn out a pretty fun time. Being a reboot of the franchise, it is totally accessible to new players that might be scared by the Roman numerals after its title and what that might mean for a game on its sixth storyline. The story, an important feature of the single-player game, is compelling (even if the franchise isn’t exactly known for being comprehensible), and even more importantly, the fighting is very fun to play. With lots of weapons and a pretty decent (even if it could be improved) lineup of characters, the combat manages to keep the entertainment value high. All in all, Soulcalibur VI succeeds at bringing a fun time to the revived fighting game genre.

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