COGconnected Countdown: Ranking the Uncharted Series from Worst to First

Ranking the Uncharted Series from Worst to First

Console exclusive titles can be the deciding factor in what you own. Knowing what a console has to offer can be vital, and in some cases, the exclusive title becomes synonymous with its console. Uncharted has become a phenomenon in gaming. Exclusively found on the PlayStation family of consoles, the Uncharted series has been ground breaking every step of the way, delivering an epic adventure like a modern day Indiana Jones. Each game presents fun gun fights and challenging puzzles, trying to up the ante every time Nathan Drake finds himself on another adventure out in the world. With exotic locations, fantastic character development and dialogue, and some movie quality set pieces, the series has become a feather in the cap of PlayStation owners and is used as a point to brag about the beloved Sony console.

With a series of so many great adventures, the fans of Nathan Drake each have a favorite experience with the intrepid explorer, a list of which games they prefer the most above all others. We rank developer Naughty Dog’s Uncharted games from Worst to First to see just which catastrophic adventure has been the best in the Uncharted series.

The Uncharted series debuted back in 2007, with the latest entry – The Lost Legacy – launching just over a week ago, giving the series a ten-year lifespan so far. Uncharted has been met with fantastic acclaim through-out with its lowest Metacritic score at 85/100. The series is so popular a planned film adaptation is in the works.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review Top Screen

Our man Branden reviewed Lost Legacy and had this to say about the game: “When you’ve finished the story and found everything you want to find, the multiplayer should provide you with further challenges. Don’t be confused; this is the same multiplayer found in Uncharted 4. The one addition is a new Survival Arena mode, which brings 10 new waves for one to three players, along with warlord battles and special rule modifiers. I can’t comment on this section though, as the mode remains offline until launch. Bottom line; this is real Uncharted. It may not have been written and directed by Neil Druckmann, but it bears his fingerprints. After this first step in a new, Nathan Drake-less direction, I’m eager to see where Naughty Dog takes us next.:

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