Ranking The Best Video Game Narratives of 2020

Best Video Game Narratives of 2020

We’re always looking for the perfect story to delve into with gaming. We want a narrative that makes us feel something, because there’s really nothing better than getting lost in a story so good that we forget what time it is or that we needed to go to the bathroom an hour or two ago. Whether it hits us right in the feels or gets us talking about it to our non-gamer friends, these are the titles that can have the longest lasting impact on how we approach our gaming in the future. Of course, it’s also why we’re willing to wait years for a sequel.

Playing a good narrative is to gamers what getting lost in a new book is to a bookworm. It’s really a dream come true. And while there were numerous games that told some great tales in 2020, only a handful encompassed everything we look for in a spectacular narrative. So which games, as voted by the staff here at COGconnected, were the very best narratives of 2020? Let’s find out.

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