Ranking the Best Multiplayer Games of 2018

The Best Multiplayer Games of 2018

The world is an ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-connected space. The ability to sit down and game with your friends has evolved where you can now seamlessly play with your best friends around the world to create some of the greatest and most memorable moments you may have with a controller in hand. Multiplayer games are the foundation of gaming, whether you love them or hate them, they are an integral part of the experience. One on one, co-op, battle royale, and all options between set the stage for some glorious and intense matches no matter the game and we saw some of the most fun, innovative, and downright chaotic multiplayer games to date this year. So without further adieu, here are the nominees – and winner – of the Best Multiplayer Game of 2018 as voted by the COGconnected staff. Enjoy.

While this was a hard one to narrow down with the likes of Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate giving it a serious run for its money, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doubled down on what made it a staple of multiplayer gaming and came out swinging. When the game was first announced to include a battle royale mode and no single player fans of the series were livid, however this proved to be the most important and defining selling point of the game. Black Ops 4 has set a new bar for the future of the Call of Duty franchise and the innovations taken with this latest shooter in making it up to date yet scaling it back to be more in line with the series fans know and love have given Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 new legs to stand on.

blackout crashing

Of course this is only one of several awards COGconnected has lined up for the end of 2018! Which game had the Best Moment of 2018? or the Best Performance? Not to mention the Best Narrative for the player to follow along? All this and plenty more is right here on COGconnected so be sure to stay tuned as we continue to hand out our Game of the Year Awards for 2018! Do you agree with our selections? Do you think something else should have won? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.