Press X to Podcast Compilation – Even More Shenanigans

Press X to Podcast – All the Latest Episodes

If you’ve been waiting for all of the latest from the guys of Press X to Podcast, we’ve got some great news. We’ve compiled our last 5 episodes into one article for your listening pleasure. Yes, that’s not just one or two, but five whole episodes to take your mind off the craziness of the world. Wondering what video games have got Paul, James, and Rhett jazzed? Looking forward to their latest shenanigans? Whatever the reason for staying tuned, it’s all about to unfold. So without further ado, you can find episodes 3.4 to 3.7 and 3.9 below!

Episode 3.4

In this episode the guys talk about Ori & The Blind Forest, some crazy bar stories, thoughts on the future PS5 reveal and more.

Episode 3.5

Episode 3.5 is all about some old games made new again, like the FF7 remake, as well as some promising changes to Fallout 76, and some newer games too like Nioh 2 and One Punch Man. Not enough? It turns out the guys have a few other opinions to share and they’re not all about games.

Episode 3.6

If you’ve been playing DOOM Eternal, Animal Crossing or Persona 5 Royal during this quarantine, then you’ll probably be able to follow along really well with this episode of the podcast. Of course it’s not all about those, but well, a good portion may or not be talking about those time-consuming games in particular.

Episode 3.7

If it wasn’t clear in the last couple of episodes just how much the guys have enjoyed Animal Crossing and the FF7 Remake, episode 3.7 is all about clarity baby. Oh and maybe a little bit of Half Life Alyx, a little about a certain MLB player and a whole lot more.

Episode 3.9

Remember John Carpenter’s movie Vampires? It might be over 20 years old but in the latest episode of Press X to Podcast the guys are dredging up the past just a little bit. Plus, with the recent releases of Trials of Mana and Gears Tactics, the dynamic trio is going to let you know exactly how they’re feeling about each.

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