Press X to Podcast: Episode 30 – Spider-Man and the Quest for the Three-Handed Flail

COGconnected Presents: Press X To Podcast – Episode 30

This latest episode of the legendary Press X pod is a dynamic duo! Featuring Paul and James and just like, no one else, the boys weigh the pros and cons of cooperative melee weapons, that exceptional Spider-Man and the newest Dragon Quest game. Featuring the usual smattering of curse words, clever insights and charming banter, this episode will have you yearning for the days when Shawn wasn’t so busy.

But what’s this? Where are the news, the releases and the reader emails? Silence those prayers, this is a Very Special Episode of Press X and the Pod Cod Gang. More intimate, more in-your-face. In your ears. Anyone lucky enough to tune in will get a healthy dose of dishing on two of the hottest releases in the whole month of September. That’s right, it’s a Spider-Man/Dragon Quest XI special! It was definitely planned and surely not because the two hosts couldn’t stop talking about the two games in question.

Press X To Podcast 1

As always, be sure to download and listen to this and every single episode of the Press X saga. Also be sure to check out the rest of the YouTube channel! They have loads of tasty videos there.