NBA 2K19 Gameplay – LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

It’s game time, y’all! This week’s slice of 2K19 gameplay features the Lakers vs the Warriors. It doesn’t take long to see why the 2K NBA series is still top dog when it comes to basketball games every year. Although there’s always hope that EA will come out on top for once, the evidence at present surely doesn’t support this faint, glimmering hope. Also, good lord LeBron is an absolute tyrant on the court, even here.

Here’s what our own Michael Chow had to say on 2K18:

At its core, NBA 2K18 features the best basketball simulation gameplay there is today. The mechanics of the game such as shooting, passing, defense, and all the intricate portions such as post defense and alley-oops all work as expected. However, despite having the best basketball simulation gameplay, the NBA 2K series has had relatively the same gameplay experience for quite some time. While it can be hard to innovate year after year with a winning formula, there is always room for improvement though NBA 2K is playing it safe.

NBA 2K19 gameplay

Sounds like 2K19 has some big moves to make if it wants to remain king of the court this year. NBA 2K19 is out on September 7th, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Look for our review here on COGconnected!