NieR: Automata Game of The YoRHa Edition Video Review – Big Robots, Sad Music, Winning Formula

NieR: Automata Game of The YoRHa Edition Video Review

Hey, you like anime, right? Big robots? Sad music? Cute android designs? Well, maybe NieR: Automata is the game for you. Developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix, NieR: Automata is a sequel to a 2010 video game called (shockingly) NieR, which is itself a spin-off of the Drakengard series. We might be deep inside a hole of connected media properties, yes, but what really matters is if what’s at the center is worth playing. Oh, and before you watch the video below, this specific edition is the Game of The YoRHa Edition, which is a bundle of the original game, its DLC, and some accessories.

Pretty high praise for the game itself, although if you’ve already played it you might want to skip this edition. After all, pretty much everything in this edition is already out in either the base game or the DLC, with the exception of a few accessories. Of course, if you’re a newbie like our reviewer, this compact deal will be more attractive than just the base game, considering the addition of the entirety of the game’s content. It’s all about what you’re looking for, and if it’s a fun and engaging experience with gorgeous character designs and mechanics that you’re in search of, hey, you’d found them!

NieR: Automata trailer

Have you played NieR: Automata, either this edition or the original? Are you planning to pick up the new version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!