Devil May Cry 5 Video Review – Stylish Demon Hunting With Glorious Vengeance

Devil May Cry 5 Video Review

Devil May Cry 5 is the newest installment in the Capcom series, following familiar protagonist Nero shortly after where the fourth game left off. Anyone who has played a DMC game before will feel pretty at-home with its recognizable gameplay and controls, yet blown away by its stylish combat, incredible photorealism and total utilization of the potential of current-gen consoles. To see our full video review of Devil May Cry 5, go on and hit play on the video below.

Devil May Cry 5 is stunning as ever, with its signature nod towards gothic architecture ever-present and its crystal clear graphics. The storytelling is strong, with its nuanced characters taking the spotlight in terms of narrative. We are introduced to a mysterious new character called “V”, and later on in the game we are able to fight and play as him. His physical abilities are a bit weaker than Nero’s, but he is able to summon and control a demonic panther and a demonic bird to wreak havoc from a distance. We enjoyed controlling V and playing out his story so much that we actually hope he stars in his own DMC game in the future.


If you are brand new to the DMC franchise, Devil May Cry 5 is a great starting point as it lays out a well-written recap that gets the player up to speed with the current story and characters. The controls are a little complicated to learn at first, even if you are familiar with the previous games, and the only real complaint we had during our playthrough were minor frame rate issues. Other than the somewhat complex controls and the occasional problem with frame rates, Devil May Cry 5 pumps a killer soundtrack to match its equally badass combat and gorgeous visuals, and we cannot get enough of this action-packed game.DMC5

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