NHL 19 Video Review – No Longer Skating on Thin Ice

NHL 19 Video Review

The EA Sports label has reached a plateau of advancement in recent years with each of its franchises seemingly hitting the epitome of what they could be. NHL, in particular, felt like EA was playing it safe and simply giving us minor improvements over an already established system, but this year with NHL 19 they took a step forward and included a few new features and modes that take what was already a fun experience and turned it into a great one. With a number of enhancements to make hitting the ice as authentic as possible, check out our video review below to see our thoughts on what these new features bring to the formerly stale series.

NHL 19 takes the gameplay of last year, including the new THREES mode, and builds on this success with the inclusion of new challenge modes, the frantic ONES mode where three players go head to head to head, and the inclusion of some of hockey’s greatest legends. Animations for skating and general movements has been severely overhauled and most importantly the controls for skating around on the ice feel sharp, making for a much more intense and fevered experience. Goalies tend to be uncannily skilled at stopping shots – more so than a game ought to offer – and while EA took steps to create something fresh, it feels like a cautious half-step to improve the series as opposed to making a serious innovation to bring people back to the franchise.

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