NBA 2K19 Video Review – Distracted By The Constant Shaking of The Virtual Tip Jar

NBA 2K19 Video Review

Sprinting down the court only to sink a beautiful slam dunk has never felt quite as satisfying in a game as it does with NBA 2K19. The 2K series has been one of the defining franchises in sports games with its constant efforts to reflect the game as authentically as possible. NBA 2K19 took a few chances with the new MyCareer and other modes, however despite having an excellent execution in the mechanics of basketball the game weighs itself down with unnecessary and cumbersome paywalls to make your custom character actually worth playing. It’s a mixed bag for fans of basketball, but if you want to hear our complete thoughts on the game check out the video review below.

NBA 2K19 is the latest entry in the longstanding franchise, bringing fans of basketball one of the most authentic looking and feeling experiences in the sport that we have ever seen. Creating your own league and being able to play with legends of basketball is fantastic, the controls are crisp and responsive, and everything from the player models to the court itself is incredibly lifelike. NBA 2K19 is, however, marred by its grind-heavy microtransactions in the MyCareer mode, making players spend their in game currency to upgrade their stats or spend real money to skip it and have a character worth playing. Despite this reliance on microtransactions, the overall product is still one of the best we have seen in basketball games.

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