New World Video Review – Old Wine in a New Bottle

New World Video Review

The MMO, like all genres of games, has its weaknesses and its strengths. MMOs also have a journey of their own to make, even after it launches, which makes day one reviews or first impressions almost premature. Between fixes, updates, and the natural evolution of the game, each MMO is bound to change a lot in the coming years or even weeks. That being said, here’s our first impression of Amazon Games’ New World.

Common problems that many online games suffer at launch are server queues, wait times, and other technical issues that sometimes detract from how fun the game actually is. Thankfully, we did not encounter any of those issues, though many of the thousands of players have.

New World

Once you do get into the game encounter another problem: the early MMO syndrome. You have to start somewhere in every game. That’s just the nature of these things. You start your journey on a beach with nothing, so you inevitably have to start collecting crafting materials from various sources, exploring and getting familiar with the land, and collect missions for you to complete at your leisure.

The thing about that is, everyone is doing it all around you. It kind of feels like a mad scramble for progress and identity. All gear upgrades are done through crafting. Good news/bad news: there are no shortcuts in getting better gear, so if you want something, you either have to make it or trade other players for it. However, there are no NPC gear vendors, so if you want something, you either have to make it or trade other players for it.

Another good thing/bad thing is that the quests do get repetitive. The objectives are usually to farm or fetch something, even though they are dressed up with different narrative reasons. However, the combat is fun, so getting these things is not so bad. The rewards for these quests are also pretty satisfying and allow you to progress pretty steadily.

Overall, New World is a satisfying experience, but at some point down the line, the game is going to be a much different, even new world than what we see today.

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