Metroid Dread Video Review – A Fresh Take on Familiar Tensions

Metroid Dread Video Review

Metroid Dread is out now and we have approached this title with the anticipation that it will be taking us into the realm of survival/horror games, which it certainly does. However, that element has kind of always been there in Metroid games. Samus is dropped on a mysterious planet, stripped of her weapons and abilities that she needs to survive.

The horror element comes in the feeling of tension and the constant stalking of the new enemy EMMI. The mechanical nature of the game also creates this feeling. Controlling Samus and utilizing her weapons is a very involved procedure. Holding down multiple button inputs to select a weapon, while aiming and standing still can be tense, especially when a deadly foe is barreling toward you.

Metroid Dread EMMI

As far as survival really goes, you may not be doing all that much of it. There is a mix of challenging, yet forgiving areas throughout the game. Boss fights are tough, but once you figure them out and learn the secrets by dying over and over, they become fairly safe.

The persistent threat of EMMI is also a common killer, but checkpoints are fairly generous, spawning you right outside an EMMI zone. Being killed by EMMI is also quite quick, so you can learn from your mistakes and jump right back into it.

If you can find time to relax at any point, you should take in your surroundings. Not only are the environments creative in the way of level design, they are also quite beautiful, if you can appreciate that in a game as tense as Metroid Dread.

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