Maneater Video Preview: A Gory Shark RPG Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Maneater Video Preview

Last year we got to witness one of the most bizarre reveal trailers during E3’s PC Gaming Show, one about a tale of revenge and seeking justice as a… shark. Maneater – often referred too by developer Tripwire as a SharkPG – pits players as a brutal and vicious shark against all manner of humans and other sea life in a bid to grow larger, stronger, and more dominant. It’s a quirky premise to be sure but the video we have seen has been incredibly promising towards delivering a solid experience. We got the opportunity to go hands on and check out Maneater before launch, so check out this video preview below to see just what we had to say.

Maneater is a SharkPG about exacting revenge on the reality-show-celebrity fisherman who killed your mother. Set in a variety of vibrant and detailed locales, players are encouraged to get creative with their kills. Whether barreling full speed at an unassuming fish, rocking a small rowboat to rattle a few humans, or hurtling yourself onto the beach to devour whatever isn’t fast enough, Maneater delivers in some compelling and brutal gameplay. The more you consume, the shark is able to be upgraded with additional skin, new fins, abilities, and much more to evolve into the perfect killing machine. While these mechanics are a blast to play with, the repetitive nature of the game can make extended play a little dull. Maneater is shaping up to be a game best reserved for those who want to play around with the physics engine and really see what kind of bizarre mutations they can enact on their shark.

Maneater is set for release on May 22nd and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, check out the game’s official website.