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Jedi: Fallen Order Video Review

If you’ve spent years fantasizing about wielding a lightsaber, using the force, and fighting against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire in your very own space epic, you are not alone — and in fact, you now have your golden chance. Jedi: Fallen Order is a truly thrilling and fulfilling adventure that follows protagonist Cal Kestis on his journey to becoming a Jedi Knight and uncovering the key to a war-altering artifact. In over 30 hours spent playing the game, we never found ourselves bored for a second and feel that Jedi: Fallen Order is unequivocally our favorite Star Wars game to date. To watch our full review, hit play on the video below.

The storyline of Jedi: Fallen Order fits into the universe as we know it perfectly. New and known characters you encounter have compelling goals motivating their actions, and the exploration of how people are affected in different ways by the fall of the Republic is fascinating. Some familiar tropes are apparent, but the galaxy-building ideas Fallen Order presents are outstanding. Fallen Order may be derivative of many great games, but Respawn has prevailed in combining several influences into a design of their own. There’s Uncharted and Prince of Persia-like traversal, combat akin to Dark Souls and God of War, and exploration similar to Metroid and Tomb Raider. They’ve drawn inspiration from all the right places, and we absolutely adore it. It’s a blast from the onset and becomes increasingly fun as you unlock abilities and acquire new gear. Best of all, it feels mechanically divine to play.

Jedi Fallen Order

At long last, we have a nuanced lightsaber combat system in a Star Wars game. From mere Scazz to Purge Troopers, enemies are unforgiving. They’ll downright slaughter you if you aren’t diligent with managing your defensive stamina and force gauge. Methods of combat are designed with purpose. Your single-bladed lightsaber is powerful against small groups, double-bladed is useful for crowd control, and dual-wielding is great for breaking defenses. You can also customize your lightsaber to your heart’s content by modifying the color, emitter, switch, sleeve, and material.

Fallen Order

We love Star Wars, we love video games, and Fallen Order is a glorious amalgamation of the two. Though we’ve experienced everything the game has to offer, we genuinely can’t wait to play through it again on the hardest difficulty. At this point, we can only hope Respawn follows it up with a sequel because the force is remarkably strong with this one. For more on Jedi: Fallen Order, you can check out a multitude of gameplay videos on our YouTube channel. Thanks for reading, and may the force be with you.