Halo Infinite: Capture the Flag and Team Slayer Gameplay Videos

It’s Red vs Blue

Halo is back, both in that its a new game and another test flight has begun. This time around, players will be playing on the new maps Fragmentation and Behemoth, both of which are larger, more open maps that allow for bigger battles with vehicle combat.

We have a couple of different game-types to show you today; Capture the Flag and Team Slayer. On Behemoth, we have a large, symmetrical arena with Forerunner structures and flag points on either end. The overhanging parts of the structures are perfect for the game’s new grappling hook to swing in and out quickly.

Behemoth has man-cannons and lifts to take players to key areas of the map, where the warthogs are and where flags stand. There is also a narrow, covered path between the two main structures for more discreet travel.

In our second Team Slayer video, we return to the Bazaar map, which was debuted in the first test flight. Bazaar is much different from Behemoth and Fragmentation. It is a tighter arena with many rooms, buildings, and elevations with one big open area in the center. You will want to bring a close range weapon and keep it moving to survive on this map.

These maps showcase a bunch of classic weapons, like the Assault Rifle, Pistol, Battle Rifle, and Sniper Rifle, as well as a few new ones. The second test flight has also expanded the use of customization in the cosmetics department, making your Spartan stand out.

The current test flight is playable until October 3rd on PC, Xbox One and ,Xbox Series X|S. The full game will be available on December 8th.

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