Griftlands Delivers Unique Gameplay like You’ve Never Seen Before

17 Minutes of Griftlands Gameplay

We got our first real look at Griftlands this year at the PC Gaming Show during E3, and while at first glance it appeared to be a simple point and click we were treated instead with a brand new outlook on the genre with a unique blend of deduction, strategy, deck-building, and turn based combat. The potential for this amalgamation of gameplay is through the roof but how does it come across in practice? We’ve got 17 minutes of gameplay footage here for you to get a taste of what Griftlands brings to the table, enjoy.

Griftlands is an interesting blend of gameplay mechanics into a new feature we haven’t quite seen before. Every situation has the opportunity to be approached through deductive conversations using a deck-building mechanic to choose from what options you have for the encounter. This can either lead to or be completely ignored in favor of going directly into turn based combat which uses an entirely different set of cards to allow for deck-building mayhem. Even more interesting as seen in the initial reveal trailer, these two aspects can be blended together to manipulate a situation in your favor, allowing you to talk to NPCs into allying with you and aiding you in combat. It will be interesting to see just how versatile these mechanics can become, as well as what other options the cards may have in store for us.

Have you thought about jumping into this curious little rogue-like? Let us know your thoughts about the game on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Griftlands is available now exclusively on PC. For more information, check out the game’s official website.