Final Fantasy VII: Remake Video Review – Exemplary and Untouched by Time

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Video Review

Decades after its original release, Square Enix has given us a much-anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII, and it is everything you remember and more. On the scale of Final Fantasy games, Remake still soars. The story is laid out with an auteur’s obsessive eye, every scene plucking the heart strings: It’s a tale of eco-terrorists taking matters into their own hands. It’s about identity, memory, and agency. It’s even about love, in a long-legged, roundabout sort of way. Though it still has all the faults of a Final Fantasy game, it’s an exemplary experience that you should miss at your own peril. To find out more about our experience with Final Fantasy VII: Remake, hit play on the video below.

The city of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII: Remake is brought to life in more gorgeous detail than ever, and so are all the characters and NPCs in the game. Tifa and Aerith inspire genuine heartache, you can count the hairs on Barrett’s chest, and Cloud’s inability to emote is more jarring than ever. The graphics are ridiculous, turning every character into a model-beautiful specter sure to haunt your dreams.

In terms of gameplay, the action oscillates nicely between satisfaction and struggle. Each individual move feels excellent, yet you’re in some real trouble if you don’t choose them wisely. The combat is still truly satisfying, although it does fluctuate between simple and soul-crushing. Every move feels great, the different party members complement each other beautifully, and there’s an endless depth of strategy to explore. The customization is extensive without feeling overwhelming, and your abilities all feel like they actually do something critical, when they’re used at the right time. One thing to note is that the AI players on your team are less than intelligent, so the bulk of the battle strategy must be planned and executed by you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you’ve cultivated any grievances about modern Final Fantasy games, they likely still have a home here. The dungeons are still padded out with esoteric puzzles, and treasures still vanish forever beneath the plot’s relentless march forward. Still, this remake is the reunion you’ve been waiting for, and it’s never looked better.