FIFA 19 Video Review – A Year of Ups and Downs

FIFA 19 Video Review

The FIFA franchise has been a staple in sports video games for some time now, taking the iconic and most beloved sport in the world and putting it into the hands of players every year to give them the most authentic experience possible. While many sports games over the recent years have fallen into a stale pattern of putting out the same product with minor changes year after year, it seems we are finally reaching a point in which developers are listening to the fans and giving us something new. FIFA 19 doesn’t break new ground, but it gives players significant improvements we haven’t seen in some time. To see our thoughts on the final product, check out our video review below.

FIFA 19 takes the base game EA Sports put out last year and improves upon its designs in a way that feels more significant than a standard yearly franchise. FIFA Ultimate Team now offers a challenge mode which lets players choose their reward at the end of the week. The game also features house rule options, party modes, best of threes, and so much more to get you and your friends engaged on the field rather than simple one on one match-ups. The Journey, FIFA’s story mode, has fantastic content in between games as you interact with your team mates and train, as well as introducing Alex Hunter’s sister into the fray. These unique training sessions however aren’t present elsewhere in the game which feels like a missed opportunity.

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FIFA 19 launches on September 28, and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information check out the game’s official website.