Evil West Video Review – Gruffy the Vampire Slayer

I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby

Traditionally, vampires have slick, black hair with dashing features and capes. Sometimes, we depict them in a different way. The monsters on the inside are reflected on the outside. That’s the kind of evil we see in Evil West. There are also glittery vampires, but we’ll leave that to another game.

Evil West is, at its core, a supernatural third-person shooter with an old West backdrop. The vampire trend comes and goes, but cowboys are forever. The game is set in an alternative history, right after the American Civil War. In this timeline, there is a vampiric plague. A secret society of monster hunters is standing between frontier-America and certain doom.

Evil West

In modern third-person action games, there are trends in gameplay that we can see. Timing, dodging, environmental puzzles, and finishers. Evil West takes all the fun stuff and gets rid of anything holding you back. Ammo is infinite, puzzles are simple, and action is plentiful.

The main character, Jesse has a handful of weapons at his disposal. The has a pistol, rifle, shotgun, and a multi-use, multi-elemental gauntlet. There are also a few less conventional weapons specifically designed for monster hunting. These weapons can be upgraded with coin. Jesse’s abilities can also be upgraded by spending skill points, which are acquired by leveling up.

While these gameplay mechanics do not innovate or shift the paradigm, they are well balanced. Evil West is just a lot of fun.

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