Deathloop Combat & Stealth Gameplay is Both Strategic and Satisfying

Deathloop Combat & Stealth Gameplay

Deathloop has officially dropped for PC and PS5 and as the newest game from Arkane Studios, the creators of Dishonored and Prey, it’s been highly anticipated all year long. It’s safe to say that so far this first-person actioncadventure shooter has done very well amongst fans and critics alike. We even gave it a 90! It’s original, it’s interesting and there’s a lot to get excited about.

So what exactly is Deathloop? At it’s core it’s a puzzle that players have to solve. The end result should include 8 different targets taken out in 1 day before the time loop restarts. In order to solve it you’ll need to figure out what strategy and approach avoids your death whilst carrying out the main objective. It’s not always as simple as creeping up on everyone Assassin’s Creed style. Check out our combat and stealth gameplay below if you’re curious about to expect.

Seriously, if the gameplay doesn’t have you convinced about just how unique Deathloop is and you’re not imagining the different ways to beat the game, we’re not sure what will. If you’re still a bit on the fence though here’s what we had to say in our review, “Deathloop is smart, funny, intricately designed, and driven by engaging action, cool puzzles, and relative freedom to approach its objectives in various ways. Deathloop is an addictive and rewarding shooter and one of the most ambitious action games this year.” Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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