14 Mediocre Minutes of The Medium on Xbox Series X

The Medium Gameplay

It’s rare that a horror game can boast a game-changing mechanic. Whereas most games in the genre focus on themes, atmosphere, and the narrative to sell their product, The Medium has focused on its twin world mechanic to make the title stand out from its peers. Hoping to be the exclusive to kick start Xbox Series S and X, will The Medium possess gamers?

the medium

You play as Marianne, a grieving woman who is burying her adoptive father. Having the ability to see those who have died, Marianne is able to help the lost souls that are trapped in limbo to pass on to the spiritual realm. Throughout your journey, you will learn more about the intriguing protagonist through this deep dive into the human psyche, exploring the quandary of the afterlife. Check out our gameplay footage below to see this unique game in action.

The Medium is available on Game Pass from January 28th, 2021, exclusively for Xbox Series S and X. Want to find out more? If so, then check out our full review here. Are you excited to explore the mystical worlds that await? Is this the big exclusive that Xbox so desperately needed? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more great video game content!