Walkabout Mini Golf Review – A Hole-in-One

Walkabout Mini Golf Review

There are a number of sporting games that have delved into the virtual realm but only a few have managed to capture the spirit of its physical counterpart. The idea of lacing up your football boots or slipping on some boxing gloves in VR is appealing, however, there’s something even more enticing about hitting the virtual links. While Everybody’s Golf lets you step foot on the fairway, the lack of content and multiplayer options made the game feel like a proof of concept rather than a full experience. Walkabout Mini Golf aims to correct the wayward drive of other efforts and land firmly on the green with their attempt. Is this the hole-in-one fans have been craving or is it a bogey worth avoiding?

Instantly, you are whisked into a beautiful world full of charm and personality. As you’d expect, courses include a theme that continues throughout the 18 holes. However, Mighty Coconut slaps on a layer of innovation to make each putt an absolute blast. All of the 8 courses are distinct and ramp up in terms of originality. Small bumps on the course soon evolve into huge ramps and gaps in the green which will challenge you to find the optimum route to the hole. Due to this, there is an addictive quality to the game. You will lambast every wonky hit and replay each course in an attempt to better your previous score.

Around the World

From the traditional tropical aesthetic to a voyage in space, Walkabout Golf manages to transport you to wonderful, microcosmic worlds. Upon getting a zero or minus score, you unlock a night/hard mode for each course. This cranks up the challenge, extending the level, adding more obstacles, and lowering the par. Might Coconut branches further afield with the DLC. Courses based on Myth and even the Jim Henson classic, Labyrinth, feature and are a joy to experience. A ton of nods and references are buried within the levels which will bring a smile to your face. While these link to famed franchises, other DLC courses are just as full of life and innovation. Underwater expeditions and gravity-defying treks make up an essential PSVR 2 package.

The low-poly art direction beams to give each world a crisp and vibrant aesthetic. The ambiance is heightened through the tranquil music which gives the game a comfortable and relaxing aura. Each tap of the ball is accompanied by a small vibration on the Sense controller and a lifelike sound that further anchors you within the world. All of this combines to allow you to sink into the game and lose hours at a time on the turf.

On the green, everything feels great. The physics are spot on which makes putting a tricky shot feel like an accomplishment. A lot of consideration has gone into making the experience stress-free. Your putter automatically extends to reach the ground and you can pass through barriers in the environment to make shots from any area. With perfect tracking and the ability to play with just one controller, everything is a breeze which makes this a delightful experience.

Take a Look

Dotted throughout the world are a number of collectibles. Balls are hidden at every hole and you are free to wander around to find them. You can then personalize your next round with a ball of your choice. On the hard courses, you take part in fox hunts. Clues appear on your wrist and you have to work out what to collect. Collecting these rewards you with special clubs for you to equip. It’s an excellent way to add variety without taking the focus away from the sport.

While the single-player content is a ton of fun, it truly shines in multiplayer. You can join quick play matches, and due to cross-play being available, you’ll find a match, or create a private room. Here you can invite friends and enjoy a virtual hang-out. It’s incredible to chill, chat and have a round of mini golf with friends. With the guest pass option, friends can also play your DLC without purchasing. This consumer-friendly approach to additional content is refreshing and is something that other companies should take note of.

In addition to this, you can also practice your swing at the driving range, where you must hit targets in the area and a putting green so that you can improve your skills.

Walkabout Mini Golf is an essential game for PSVR 2 owners. Each world is full of character and creative courses that will keep you coming back for more. The crisp and simple visuals combine wonderfully with the relaxing music to create an atmosphere that you’ll fall in love with. With its stellar single-player and addictive multiplayer, this could very well be the best PSVR 2 game to date.

***PSVR 2 code provided by the publisher for review***

The Good

  • True to Life Physics
  • Relaxing Atmosphere
  • Great Multiplayer

The Bad

  • Simple Visuals
  • More Creativity in the DLC Courses