Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Review: The Return of the Prodigal Turnip

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Review

If you thought you had seen the last of Turnip Boy’s comically murderous journey, prepare to get back in the veggie action. The continuation of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion takes our favorite root veggie from one felony to another. The new development by Snoozy Kazoo brings us a new fun adventure with unconventional challenges packed with a healthy (pun intended) amount of action. With its humor and references catered for the chronically online, the new eccentric journey of Turnip Boy brings new quirky characters, some adorable but mostly unconventional.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, I would recommend playing the first instalment, although it is not strictly necessary to know the lore in order to understand the game. Beware of spoilers for both parts in this review.

The story of Turnip Boy Robs a Bank picks up right after defeating the Onion God on his tax evasion fun adventure. Chaos unfolds in Veggieville after our round stubby anti-hero uncovered the treacherous plans of Mayor Onion and his network of corrupt onions. Led by Dillitini, an old friend of Don Turpichino Sr, Turnip Boy will be recruited to rob Stinky’s Bank. The team, put together by Dillitini, will have some few familiar faces from the Tax Evasion chapter. The professional gang takes Turnip Boy to the big weapons leagues, leavin the errand boy days behind.

The Bank of VeggieSecrets, a heist full of seeds.

What begins as a simple bank robbery will soon unfold a thread of secrets that Mayor Onion’s right hand, Stinky the banking Onion, has been keeping in the enormous Botanical Bank. Unlike the Tax Evasion adventure, Turnip Boy now has an arsenal at his disposition, as well as access to the dark web. All this comes in hand as you now face SWAT Peppers, Peach Cops, the Snail Security Guards, all armed and ready to stop Turnip Boy from digging deeper into the maze that Stinky has created to hide his gold and secrets.

Unlocking new areas and exploration of the locations can be done just as first installment of this saga. The unconventional challenges through the bank will grow harder, and unfortunately the map provided only gives us a general idea of the Bank layout, which can make it really confusing when searching for targets and completing tasks.

The quirky characters, also recurring from the initial story, can be hard to reach due to this very ambiguous layout. There is an unreliable elevator that you must take in mind when trying to complete quests.. The color scheme and visuals, although entertaining and fun, can make it harder to fully comprehend what’s going on around you, especially during boss fights.

Bitter sweet controls, battles and crashes.

Just like on Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, the controls are pretty much the same, simple but a bit troublesome when fighting bosses due to the rapid spawn of enemies. Sometimes dealing with the boss while also fighting guards can become a stressful task given the need to switch between the two weapons you can carry.

Different bosses and  different battles also seem to rely sometimes on luck, it can be impossible to fight a boss in one try if you happen to be in the wrong spot or with a Donut Cop nearby. There is a trigger warning at the beginning of the game for flashing lights and bright colors, and it happens to be very much needed for the battle with Mecha-Chad, where there is just too much going on around and inside the battle visual wise.

The balance between fun vibrant elements is lost in more than one zone, at one point even the console couldn’t keep up with the bombarding amount of elements on the screen. Unfortunately these issues leave a bitter sweet taste halfway through the game.

A humorous turnip twist.

This new installment of the Turnip Boy saga is just as long as the first, although the unconventional tasks and challenges can make up for the shortness of the main quest. But overall the game requires only a few hours, sometimes more if you take a break after failing boss fights and having to journey through the confusing botanical maze all over again.

The secrets that unravel about Don Turnipchino Sr and the legacy Turnip Boy give the story a fun, sweet twist. This humorous playful universe doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a genuinely entertaining adventure. The cute and silly characters, as well as the tasks and quest that unravel in the short time and distance, are just enough to make it a fun game. Although it has its ups and downs, at the end it aligns with the overall direction of the story of an anti-hero root vegetable in a quest to defeat the corruption of institutions.

A Nintendo Switch Code was provided.

The Good

  • Fun characters and dialogue.
  • Creative 2D art.
  • Easy skill development.
  • Good soundtrack.

The Bad

  • Overwhelming colors and visual elements.
  • Confusing map overview.
  • Progress loss easily.