ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air Review – Pretty Little Keyboard

ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air Review

Last year we reviewed Roccat’s wired Vulcan II Mini keyboard. At the time, Erin was impressed with pretty much everything the keyboard had to offer. Its performance was excellent, the keys felt great, offered lots of customizable options and it looked fantastic. Less than a year later, Roccat released a wireless version of its Vulcan II Mini line of keyboards. Like its wired predecessor, the Vulcan II Mini Air is equally fabulous, and in my view better because it is indeed, wireless.

Granted, the wireless version will cost you a bit more. On the surface, its $179.99 USD price tag can seem a bit pricey for a keyboard that is 65% smaller than a normal keyboard. Yet compared to other mini keyboards on the market, the cost is reasonable and cheaper in many instances.

Naturally, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you typically see on a full-size keyboard. That is okay, this keyboard is not going to be for everyone. It’s really for gamers on the go, or even space-conscious folks looking for a compact keyboard. It’s easy to haul around and it will fit in nearly any bag. Its wonderfully compact low profile design is ideal for students. It would have been the perfect keyboard to take with me to E3… RIP E3.

Out of the box, the Vulcan II Mini Air features some quick start instructions, a dongle that is stored within the keyboard (a nice little feature I might add), the wireless keyboard itself, and a USB cable that is included for charging the keyboard or using it in wired mode when the wireless functionality is not needed. Standard stuff for most Roccat keyboards nowadays.

The sleek and compact design is the first thing that really stands out. There is no question it’s a good-looking keyboard. That said, when you turn on the keyboard with that RGB lighting, it looks stunning. The Vulcan II Mini Air boasts Roccat’s signature AIMO lighting system, which offers dynamic and customizable lighting. You can light up this bad boy however you want. Again, this is nothing new for Roccat as they have absolutely nailed lighting when it comes to their PC accessories.

It’s a well-built keyboard as well and a little heavier than the wired version. Its weight without the USB cable connected is 618g. The unit Erin reviewed is 542g. I know, it’s barely noticeable but it is noteworthy. Likewise, this keyboard is slightly bigger in length and width but only by a few millimeters. Like the Vulcan II Mechanical keyboard I just reviewed, the keyboard features a plastic chassis but it has an aluminum top plate which gives the keyboard a sharp look and certainly makes it feel like a premium product.

At the heart of the Vulcan II Mini Air are those smooth-feeling switches. These keys feel absolutely wonderful. Just as they did on the Vulcan II Mechanical. The tactile and low-profile switches produce a satisfying click. It isn’t too loud either. I mean, my wife thinks it’s “too clicky” and a bit obnoxious, but compared to other mechanical keyboards with similar keys, it strikes a nice balance in my view. Regardless, the Mini delivers as advertised as the switches are deadly accurate, super responsive, and satisfying to the touch. It is also worth mentioning this keyboard will deliver a durable lifespan of up to 150 million keystrokes, which is nearly double its mechanical big brother.

Connectivity isn’t an issue either and I absolutely love that this keyboard is wireless. The keyboard utilizes a 2.4GHz wireless connection, which is ideal for gaming. I never noticed any lag or slowdowns at all. Likewise, the option to connect via USB Type-C ensures a reliable wired connection when needed. So you’ve got options if you aren’t comfortable competing online with a wireless keyboard.

Its battery life is frankly, next level. One of the main concerns with any wireless peripherals is battery life. However, the Vulcan II Mini Air addresses this concern in a big way. The keyboard boasts an impressive battery life of up to over 240 hours of continuous use with no lighting on. Yet even with lighting on, you should get over 80 hours or so battery life, which is amazing. Needless to say, you won’t be running out of juice all the time with this keyboard.

I love how Roccat isn’t resting on its laurels. Did they really need to release another Vulcan II Mini, right now? Absolutely not as the 2022 Vulcan II Mini is great. That said, folks love wireless accessories. So it’s impressive that less than a year after release, the wireless version is here and it’s wonderful. Featuring a compact design, excellent build quality, and slick-looking lighting options, this little gaming keyboard is fantastic. If you want an exceptional typing and gaming experience, you’ve come to the right place.

***Roccat provided the keyboard to COG for the purpose of this review***


The Good

  • Compact
  • Looks amazing lit up
  • Butter smooth switches
  • Wireless

The Bad

  • A bit pricey
  • No wrist rest