Respawn RSP-400 Review – Stylish, Cozy, and Remarkably Tweak-able

Respawn RSP-400 Review

Seldom does my bony behind find considerable comfort in a chair. Office chairs, in particular, tend to be the bane of my predicament. With a body akin to Gumby, no amount of fine tuning the assortment of chairs I’ve possessed remedied the incessant pain in my lower back. That was until this past week when I reclined in the throne of ecstasy know only as the RSP-400 from Respawn. Stylish, cozy, and remarkably tweak-able, Respawn’s latest has me looking fly and feeling mighty fine as I indulge in PC gaming.

Up until receiving the RSP-400 for review, I’d yet to acquire a chair designed specifically for gaming. As aforementioned, over the years I’ve invested a substantial amount of coin into a number of office chairs in hopes of striking a balance between comfort and functionality. Following a near decade of dissatisfaction, my attempts were clearly futile, and I eventually accepted the fact that to find what I was looking for I’d need to seek distributors who have my needs in mind. Ironically enough, the opportunity to review this chair was presented to me shortly before I sought to purchase one like it on my own. I was hyped to pop a squat, and I’m delighted to report my hype is fulfilled.

Ergonomically constructed and beautifully designed, the RSP-400’s exceptional performance equals its stellar appearance. Featuring segmented padding, a high back, headrest pillow, an adjustable lumbar, and adjustable armrests, this chair truly enables you to make it your own. Adjusting the height of the seat is as simple as you’d expect, the tilt of the back’s recline is smooth, and I’m able to adapt both the lumbar and headrest pillow to adequately support my lower back and neck. The chair is also appropriately weighted, providing sufficient stability and preventing any undesired movement. The red and black leather’s soft and looks great alongside my matching rig. On top of that, the RSP-400 has a 400-pound weight capacity and is offered in blue and black, green and black, and grey and black in addition to the red color scheme.


My only minor gripe with the chair involves the armrests. Though you can adjust the height, width, and depth of them, I can’t quite get them where I’d like. As bizarre as it may sound, I prefer to have my elbows reside directly below my shoulders. Though I’ve taken every step at my disposal to achieve that by making many adjustments including screwing the armrests into the bottom of the chair as close to the sides as possible, my elbows remain to protrude like the wings of a chicken. In short hour or two spurts, I’ve grown accustomed to having my elbows sit further away from my sides than I prefer. However, it begins to place a ton of strain on my shoulders during extended play sessions. Additionally, the armrests aren’t particularly comfortable. I’ve got a pair of bony elbows, and having them dig into the hard leather begins to wear on me after a while. Bear in mind I’m an oddly shaped guy with fairly ridiculous preferences. The armrests are substantially adjustable, and I imagine most will be satisfied with the options.

Overall, I love this chair. It relieves the pain in my lower back and looks badass alongside my rig. With the exception of my armrest gripe, it does everything I want it to with much ease. It’s also incredibly simple to put together, and that I greatly appreciate. The RSP-400 is available now for $274.99. For more on awesome Respawn products, check out our review of their RSP-300 here.

***The chair was provided for the purpose of this review***

The Good

  • Many ways to customize
  • Cozy during long play sessions
  • Stylish design

The Bad

  • Armrests leave a little to be desired