Respawn-300 Gaming Chair Review – The Only Chair You’ll Ever Need

Respawn’s Newest Product Goes a Bit Beyond Your Needs

I find that the “gaming” in Gaming Chair is a bit arbitrary, at least where the Respawn-300 is concerned. Not only is it too versatile to be limited to gaming purposes, it’s also pretty darn comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic design. But I’m not here to talk about design, so much as I am here to talk about a great chair.

Full disclosure, even as I write this, I’m sitting on the Respawn-300 gaming chair. My skin simply needs to breathe in this California heat, which is why Respawn deserves several blessings for creating a good mesh to lay against. Thanks to the intuitively designed threads at my back and gluteus, I avoid those extra uncomfortable moments where solid fabric and leather would brush sweat across my skin. Air circulates throughout the chair, which is ideal for summertime and those long periods of sitting. Also, no butt prints.

Now That I Have a Gaming Chair, I’ll Never Go Back

Now let’s, let’s talk about unique features of the Respawn-300 and why gamers should give a damn. First off, the chair is adjustable and facilitates several sitting positions for a variety of needs. It has 2-D armrests to account for height and laziness. Whether you’re short, tall, or don’t care about life, the chair doesn’t judge you – If you need to sit up straight, you can elevate the armrests. If your arms need to rest, lower them. It’s part of what I call active vs passive sitting, which suits competitive and casual gaming. Let me explain:

If we’re talking about competitive games—like anything made by Ubisoft, or like Fortnitethen you obviously need to sit actively. If you’re anything like me when taking a game seriously, you sit forward. Which means, in the gaming chair’s case, you’re pulling the armrests back and shifting the depth of the chair forward, so you can be closer to the TV without literally sitting on the edge of your seat. Not only does the Respawn-300 let your butt move forward, but the armrests surrender more room to your forearms as you grip the controller. And, at any point, you can sit back and take advantage of the recline.

Or, if you’re a casual gamer, you can lower the chair, recline backward about 45 degrees or so, and shift the armrests rests forward to let your arms hang. This is for the passive gaming experience, where you just hang back and comfortably immerse yourself in whatever RPG is on the screen (not that RPGs are easy or anything). Better yet, you can just lay back while your Rainbow Six teammates bounce slurs off you and get banned. Let everyone else be sweaty. I’ll tell you what won’t be sweaty, your back. And one other thing I feel the need to mention: I am not a small guy, yet the chair is wide enough, and the armrests high enough, to let me sit in a pretzel. I can’t remember the last time—if ever—I successfully sat on a chair like that.

Here’s another thing; I spend a good portion of my time at home on my computer. The same chair I use for gaming is the same chair I use for work. The Respawn-300 passed with flying colors on both counts. My work desk is pretty low, and the seat adjustments let me sit low and at eye level while retaining that comfortable mesh at my back. My computer and my TV are on adjacent walls, but my TV is mounted considerably higher than my computer desk, but the chair’s adjustable height allows me to switch angles on a whim, to lift and sit considerably higher and compensate for the elevation of my television; then I’ll turn, lower myself and type on my keyboard. Last but not least, I can recline for that perfect viewing angle, regardless of my television’s height. In other words, I don’t have to stand up anymore.


I’d be remiss and irresponsible to go without pointing out imperfections. As much as I enjoy reclining and spinning until I become dizzy, the Respawn-300 isn’t a flawless gem. It takes a bit of getting used to. You might find yourself trying to get the hang of the levers even after the first week. That’s a harmless stipulation, however. It’s a gaming chair, the swiss-army knife of chairs. While I don’t have a built-in knowledge of every gaming chair brand, this one has enough bells and whistles to stump you, at first. Likewise, the built-in cushion in the backrest takes some getting used to since it subtly bulges against your back, but this, too, is adjustable. Also, as you’re searching for that ideal sitting angle, you might notice that the armrests are a tad wobbly. It’s nothing detrimental or discomforting, but you’ll feel it every now and again, which may be off-putting if you’re obsessive-compulsive.

The Swiss-Army Knife of Chairs

Unfortunately, the worst thing I found was the state of the mesh. Within two days, I found the lower end of the seat’s mesh peeling off. However, “peeling” may be a misnomer. The mesh lining looks like it was crudely attached to the backrest because nothing appears ripped. Luckily, this potential oversight doesn’t affect the support or comfort. From my understanding, this type of damage is covered by the included OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty. But if you’re lazy, like me, you might not care. Hence, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy this chair.

Overall, the Respawn-300 Gaming Chair is great. It’s comfortable, offers plenty of support, let’s your skin breath, and adapts to your gaming style. What else can I say? Typically, nobody spends money on a chair until the first one breaks, but if you do find yourself in the market, consider this one. It took me about an hour to build and arrived at my house before I could even get a tracking number.

**The Respawn 300 was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this review***

The Good

  • Very convenient adjustability
  • Let’s your back breathe
  • Works in various gaming and office work
  • Comfortable mesh






The Bad

  • Takes some getting used to
  • Minor mesh peel