PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller with Lumectra Review – Affordable Precision

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller with Lumectra Illuminate’s Your Gaming Experience

Let’s face it, third-party gaming peripherals often promise the moon but fall short, leaving players stuck with equipment that just plain sucks. To be fair, it has been getting better in recent years. We’ve reviewed some amazing third-party accessories lately. While I would not consider PowerA’s Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch with Lumectra “amazing”, it delivered as advertised. With its impressive array of features, customizable lighting, and ergonomic design, this controller ticks all the boxes and stands as a rock-solid investment.

The biggest seller of the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller with Lumectra is the multi-zone RGB lighting system. It’s pretty cool in action. With 24 vibrant colors, 4 distinct lighting zones, and 3 dynamic lighting modes, you get an endless supply of color combinations. Whether you prefer calming colors for more chill adventures or a pulsating vibe for intense battles, this controller allows you to tailor the lighting to suit your mood. It’s eye-popping and looks great at night.

“Pro” controllers, especially Nintendo’s first-party Pro controller comes loaded with features and advanced gaming options. While PowerA’s Lumectra controller isn’t considered a “Pro” controller, it does have mapable buttons which is a staple of any Pro controller. It’s all about getting that competitive edge and having two mappable buttons that can be programmed on the fly helps you gain that advantage. It’s easy to set up which I appreciated. Far too many controllers have tedious system configurations. This controller does not.

The battery power is decent but doesn’t quite measure up to the Nintendo Pro controller’s 40-hour life cycle. The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller’s rechargeable battery delivers up to 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge. That isn’t too shabby but I’ll admit, I wish it lasted longer. You do get a 10-foot USB C cable which reached perfectly from my Switch to my theater chair. Whether your Nintendo Switch is docked or undocked, re-charging is a breeze.

I should mention the controller is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED Model, and Nintendo Switch Lite, so you don’t have to worry about this controller not working with different types of Switch consoles.

The controller is incredibly responsive and feels great too. It’s accurate, responsive, and I never noticed any kind of technological glitches or lag. The buttons and triggers are smooth as silk. They feel great as everything worked as it should. Not to mention, the controller feels a little lighter than the Pro controller.

Comfort is paramount during long gaming sessions. The controller’s ergonomic design ensures you stay comfortable over the long haul. The textured grips on the back of the controller feel good and ensure a secure hold. The textured analog sticks provide precise control over your movements. Bottom line, my hands never felt tired or strained in any way and this controller certainly doesn’t feel cheap.

The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller with Lumectra is a nice cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. For about 20 bucks less, PowerA’s wireless controller with its mesmerizing RGB lighting is impressive and didn’t disappoint. While it doesn’t have rumble features like the Pro controller, its advanced gaming buttons, long-lasting battery, and ergonomic design, more than make up for any shortcomings. For the price, you really cannot go wrong.

***Controller provided to COG for the purpose of this review***


The Good

  • Affordable
  • Slick lighting options
  • Feels great
  • Rock-solid battery life

The Bad

  • No rumble features
  • No NFC support for amiibo scanning
  • Battery life isn’t as long as Pro controller’s battery life