Life is Strange: Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Review – Episodic Game Keeps Getting Better

At the end of episode 2, we experienced a critical event that could change the course of the story. It’s also where we truly began to witness and experience how the choices we make effect the story. If you haven’t done so yet, check out our review for episode 2 HERE . As I sat staring at my TV monitor as the episode 3 credits rolled, I was overwhelmed with complete shock and an abundance of emotions. To put it bluntly, episode 3 does not disappoint.

The episode begins on the morning after the critical event that occurred at the end of episode 2 as Max wakes up from her slumber. Depending on the outcome of the event, not only will Max’s peers’ and community act differently, but also treat her differently as well. In addition, Max’s surroundings will differ. For example, things written on the white boards outside of her peers’ dorm rooms will be different. Nonetheless, it’s another display of how the choices you make and events that occur impact the story. This time around, however, the episode is heavily focused on Chloe with nearly every main event and choice related to her. So for you Chloe fans out there, this is the episode for you.

While the choices you make in this episode don’t feel quite as burdensome or hold as much weight compared to episode 2 (because of their mostly unknown possible consequences), I can’t help but wonder what the next episode will utilize them for. We also begin to peer into the minds and worlds of particular suspicious characters and get slightly closer to the main question at hand – what happened to Rachel Amber and where is she? Not to mention, we get a jaw-dropping finish to the episode that makes us wonder what else Life is Strange has in store for us in the coming episodes. Thus, I warn you, when you are near the end to brace yourselves. Seriously. Overall, the episode is quite emotionally packed dealing with political, relationship, teen, and family implications and issues.


“While collecting the items are somewhat repetitive and tedious, they make you explore the environment and discover some interesting and shocking pieces of information.” 

Aside from making choices throughout the episode, a good chunk of it has you collecting X items and figuring out “puzzles” by utilizing Max’s rewinding ability. While collecting the items are somewhat repetitive and tedious, they make you explore the environment and discover some interesting and shocking pieces of information. The “puzzles” that appeared in past episodes make a return with a new twist. Not only does Max unexpectedly discover she has a new ability, but she also uses her known rewinding capability in a new way. For example, in one sequence she unlocks a door by blasting the lock off, but consequently signals the police of the break-in. To reverse this, she goes into the unlocked room and rewinds time where she unlocks it from the inside without causing collateral damage. From the exploration to the puzzles, episode 3 has made them more enjoyable to immerse yourself in and experience.

Not only is episode 3 a solid progress for the story of Life is Strange, but also for its gameplay mechanics. It gives us new things to learn about and appreciate while giving us a broader and deeper hands-on experience. We’re slowly approaching the end of the game, but the excitement and intrigue hasn’t died down. Instead, they’ve been fuelled and making us yearn for more Life is Strange goodness. Just when I thought I’ve seen most of what Life is Strange has to offer, I was proven wrong.

With this being an episodic game, the sound and visuals are pretty uniform throughout each episode with the exception of new music. The music is a treat for your ears, voice acting is superbly done, and the visuals are full of detail that manages to still put me in awe. Again, the issue with lip-syncing still exists and doesn’t seem like it will be changing anytime soon.

Realization, heartbreak, and shock are not just the elements that form the basis of Life is Strange Episode 3, but also what makes it uniquely spectacular. With a completely unexpected and jaw-dropping end to the episode, DONTNOD shows they have more up their sleeve than we anticipated. While for most of the episode you’re tasked with collecting items, completing puzzles, and utilizing Max’s rewinding capabilities instead of making crucial choices (like what we’ve seen particularly in episode 2), the story still manages to create an amazing build up to what I can only hope is an even more amazing conclusion. Let me just say, after playing episode 3 you’ll wish episode 4 was already available.

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