Knowledge is Power Review – The Ultimate Quiz Game for Your PS4

Knowledge is Power Review

PlayLink is a nifty new feature for the PS4 that allows you to use your mobile devices or tablets as controllers in particular games. As a first taste of what PlayLink had to offer, That’s You! was free for a limited time showcasing all the swiping, dragging, tilting, rotating, drawing, and selfie-snapping you could do with your mobile devices and tablets. One of the newest PlayLink titles, Knowledge is Power, is the next game for you, your friends, and family to put all the knowledge you have to the test in this ultimate quiz party game show.

Knowledge is Power is a quiz game at its purest but throws in some unique features that keep it entertaining while also maintaining its replay value. Players from the get-go pick one of eight characters to play as then snap a selfie with a character specific filter. From there, the game show starts and you begin the twelve-stage battle of racking up the most amount of points by answering questions correctly. The game is for two to six players and provides fun at all numbers due to its clever category selections and Power Plays feature.

At each stage, players will vote for one of four categories to draw a question from. Majority rules, but if the votes are tied the choice will be randomized. Players can also use a single Power Pick that automatically locks in the category they have chosen if they desperately want it. Once the category is chosen, Power Plays will be used by each player ranging from freezing, splattering gloop, and sending nibbles to remove letters from the answers. Thankfully, Power Plays aren’t all negative as there are also some beneficial ones like enabling double points or betting on another player. Points are on a ‘fastest answer’ basis, so these negative Power Plays will hinder how fast you can lock-in your answer.


“Knowledge is Power is a quirky, fun, bite-sized, quiz game show that utilizes nifty mechanics keeping the categories, questions, and competition entertaining.”

After the Power Play selection, four choices for answers will appear in which one will be correct. You won’t know if you’ve got it right or wrong until everyone’s chosen and the true answer is revealed. Players who got the answer right will be allocated points based on the amount of time it took to choose the answer. As such, the one who chose it the fastest will be awarded the most points. These straightforward question-and-answer sequences appear the most throughout the twelve stages but are cleverly implemented with great questions from an impressive amount of categories. Each subsequent category selection will be based on the previous selection. For example, if the category chosen previously was TV shows and the question for it was about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air you’ll have the next categories related to things like Philadelphia, Celebrities, Sitcoms, etc. Even if you get tired of the categories you’ve set yourself up for, you can choose the ‘lucky dip’ category that chooses a category at random. It’s a method that keeps the game interesting and adjusts to whoever is playing the game.

The other stage types include a linking and categorization sequence. The linking sequence tasks players with linking words or phrases together amongst a handful of them. Each link you create will produce more words or phrases for you to choose from. Meanwhile, the categorization sequence provides you with two categories in which you must decide where a number of words or phrases belong to. Just like the question-and-answer stages, these sequences also depend on a ‘fastest answer’ basis as well as how many you can correctly link/categorize.

Knowledge is Power Review

Although the first eleven stags will task you with a number of question-and-answer, linking, and categorization stages, it’s the twelfth stage where anyone can nab the top spot. The last and final twelfth stage is where players are greeted with a giant pyramid, and subsequently places somewhere on it – more points means higher on the pyramid and fewer points mean lower on the pyramid. Questions are randomly chosen and Power Plays are still utilized making it a true free for all battle to the finish. Once someone reaches the top of the pyramid, they are rewarded with a scroll that contains a fun fact for players to enjoy.

Knowledge is Power has a charming art style similar to the quirky and loveable characters of the Little Big Planet franchise. The whole atmosphere created by a dapper English man narrating the progress of your adventure with even more peculiar characters is all the more satisfying.

Knowledge is Power is a quirky, fun, bite-sized, quiz game show that utilizes nifty mechanics keeping the categories, questions, and competition entertaining. It’s visually pleasing with its charming cast of characters that surely a group of two to six people will enjoy. Incorporating PlayLink truly allows anyone and everyone to jump in as well as enjoy a party game that is sure trigger laughs and pure enjoyment.  If you can overlook the steep price point, Knowledge is Power is the ultimate quiz party game you’ll want to have when you have people over.

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The Good

  • Straightforward and simple
  • Charming characters
  • Replay Value
  • Unique features with Power Plays, Categories, and Questions
  • PlayLink works great fuelling competition

The Bad

  • Steep price point