Audeze Mobius Headphones Review – Otherworldly Audible Excellence

Audeze Mobius Headphones Review

Tell me, dear reader, do you value heavenly harmonics gracing the airwaves of your ear holes? I imagine that to some capacity you do, and because of that, it’s my divine pleasure to share my reaction to audible excellence of Audeze’s Mobius Headphones. Self-proclaimed to be the world’s most technologically advanced headphones, the Mobius garnered quite a bit of hype leading into my initial experience with them. I’ve had the unique privilege of dawning several impressive sets of cans in my day, and while I don’t consider the Mobius to be the Magnum Opus of audio peripherals, they’re a remarkable set of headphones. 

I ask that you forgive me for my lack of fully understanding the technical aspects of the hardware. With my request out of the way, it’s critical to note Audeze’s planar magnetic technology that the company claims to produce distortion-free audio. Good news, that claim is valid; profoundly, in fact. Never have I been more aware of my surroundings in Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown. You see, I’m a die-hard of the PvPvE survival shooter, and though I’ve never harbored complaints concerning the game’s audio, I’ve since come to appreciate it all the more since equipping the Mobius. My reaction to the clarity in Hunt alone is a testament to the many features packed within the headphones. 

Alongside the planar magnetic feature lies Waves NX 3D audio technologies including sound localization, integrated head tracking, room emulation, and anatomy calibration. I’ll spare you the explanation of each, but collectively they beg the question: Were these headphones designed by extra-terrestrials? Quite possibly, as the amalgamation of these features produces unbelievably immersive sound. I also can’t proceed without mentioning the addition of Sony LDAC Bluetooth technology; supplying three times the data that typically exists within wireless units. I’ve taken these intergalactic cans for a spin via Bluetooth and a wired connection, and both methods produce pristine results. 


If you enjoy indulging a cinematic flick or two while on the go, look no further than the Mobius for the ultimate mobile experience. The integrated surround sound provides as much an immersive experience as any game I’ve played, and while I couldn’t see a frame of the Battle of Winterfell, I heard every last bit of the carnage abounding. From the punchiest lows to the crispiest highs, you’ll perceive every nuance of your tunes courtesy of the Mobius’s 10hz-50khz frequency response. 

Exceptionally Snug

A few of the other notable features I appreciate are the detachable mic and included USB-C and aux cables for connectivity to a laptop or PC, phone, and consoles. My only gripe stems from the relatively crushing squeeze of the cups on my temples in spite of their ease of adjustment, memory foam padding, and flexible headband. Granted, I’ve been informed on several occasions that my noggin’s a tad larger than your average lad. So, take my criticism with a grain of salt. The silver lining is the tight squeeze results in exceptional noise canceling; successfully blocking out the barking disputes of my neighbors while I lay waste to my adversaries. 


In short, Audeze has provided us earthlings with a wonderful product that I believe fulfills the claim of being the world’s most technologically advanced headphones. For more on the Mobius, you can check out my unboxing video above. You can check out the full list of specs here.

**The headphones were provided to COG for the purpose of this review**

The Good

  • Incredible 3D Technology
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Simple connectivity across all platforms

The Bad

  • Relatively tight squeeze on the head