Astro Bears Review – Bear-y Fun for Everyone

Astro Bears Review

Astro Bears is an inexpensive party game perfect for family gatherings featuring bears in spacesuits. It is the sort of game where even you can play against your 50-year-old mother and no one can predict who will win. Each challenge can be fairly quick, and the Joy-Cons can be easily passed around the room as the learning curve is small. While it is somewhat repetitive and lacking in the excitement department, its simplistic and stress-free fun will bring a smile to everyone’s faces, even if it is for a short while.

The game is simple – there are eight bears to choose from and each bear runs around with a long Ribbon attached to them. Part of the goal is to run and not come into contact with the ribbons or other players. Take this obstacle, add the ability to jump and dash, and then add three more people to the same playing field, and you will see for yourself how hectic it can really get. The map is spherical, imitating planets, so you will eventually run into each other at some point – it just depends on who is the first to make that mistake. All the craziness aside, the game is actually very easy to learn as there are barely any controls required to play. Of course, this doesn’t mean the game isn’t difficult as the outcomes can be surprising, and may even pose a challenge depending on who you play with (so it is still recommended you go easy on your kids on this one).

Party Time!

There are several modes of play: Party mode, Competitive mode, and Jetfish hunting mode. With Party mode and Competitive mode, you will need to play with your friends. The game supports up to four players, the more the merrier. If you want to play on your own, Jetfish hunting mode can be enjoyed solo. Of course, you can also play this mode with a friend – it is more cooperative and a less crazy way to introduce yourself to the game.

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With eight different bears to choose from, it is hard to make a choice because they are all equally cute. However, all the bears come with different stats so your selection can actually matter depending on what your strengths and weaknesses are. For example, if you personally have quick reflexes, you can choose a bear that is faster. For those with slower reflexes, it may be difficult to keep up with your bear. Just because a stat is high for one bear doesn’t mean it works for everybody!

Astro Bears is incredibly easy to learn, play, and provides a good amount of challenge depending on who you are playing against and how you work together (or against each other). The best part is that even though the levels are nothing too special because you are playing with other people, no two rounds will ever be the same. While most of its elements feel repetitive and lacks adventure, Astro Bears is really just a no-frills, fun family game. It is nothing spectacular nor extraordinary, but its playful colors and the atmosphere it creates in the room shows it is capable of bringing joy to those who play it.

*** A Nintendo Switch code was provided by the publisher ***

The Good

  • Good game to play for all ages
  • Easy to learn and pick up

The Bad

  • Repetitive and lacking excitement