Agent A – A Puzzle in Disguise Review: Simple and Sleek

Agent A Review

Agent A – A Puzzle in Disguise is a simple and fun point-and-click game that tests your ability to escape rooms and find the villain. The game itself is easy to learn, with puzzles that aren’t too difficult to understand and clues that are actually helpful and descriptive. While the plot could be a little more appealing, the story flows smoothly and the overall experience is enhanced by its beautiful artwork, colorful visuals, voiced cutscenes, and a satisfying level of difficulty.

You play as Agent A, a smart and resourceful agent known to be one of the best agents out there. Your assigned mission is to find the elusive Ruby La Rouge, the villain of this story who just blew up a ship and pretty much killed everyone on board, including your boss. Since you are an amazing and ingenious individual, you quickly locate Ruby’s secret base and even manage to find your way inside. Armed with your knowledge and no other weapons to actually defend yourself, you (stealthily) fumble around Ruby La Rouge’s base – until she sees you and traps you inside her home.

No Compromise

With 35 environments to explore and 100 creative puzzles, Agent A is the definition of an organized, beautiful, and cohesive puzzle game. Much like other escape room games, you will find yourself clicking at inconspicuous items in different rooms, finding clues and picking up objects, and ultimately freeing yourself. On the other hand, Agent A is unlike most escape room games because of its beautiful visuals and flow of the story. There are no loading screens when transitioning between different locations in each chapter, making the game feel easy to navigate through – especially as a puzzle game where going back and forth is required. Controls never felt clunky and no task was too cumbersome; everything that happened in the game happened for a reason, with each clue we found naturally leading us to the next part of the story.

When exploring rooms and solving puzzles, the last thing I want to worry about is remembering which key goes with which lock. Fortunately, each item in the game looks different, with very helpful clues indicating what should belong where. Even Agent A occasionally drops hints like “Interesting design” to make you think that it must be important for later. Nothing is ever out of place or useless in the game, and while this makes it too convenient for the storyline (like, how is it that you are able to find scraps of an important blueprint poster hanging on a tree?), it also makes it less frustrating to handle. There is never a moment where I felt like pulling out my hair; in fact, there were virtually no performance issues and the only thing I ever thought about was how to solve the puzzles.

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Strictly as a puzzle game, Agent A is a fantastic example of how to do it well. However, don’t expect to be involved with the storyline. In terms of the plot and characters involved, there was barely any excitement despite being a secret agent. The introduction to the game was very short and only served to introduce us to the first chapter of the game. Of course, Agent A is not an RPG, and your character being a secret agent doesn’t necessarily mean you will actually feel like a secret agent. Agent A is for those looking for a fun puzzle game, not for those looking for puzzles that complement a story.

Agent A – A Puzzle in Disguise, is a short and sweet escape room game that provides hours of good fun. With intuitive puzzles that are never impossible to solve, the game is all about finding answers and exploring an enemy’s lair with no consequences. A truly enjoyable experience that is easy to pick up from where you left off, Agent A offers creative puzzles with lovely visuals and seamless transitions. With practically no lag and a cohesive storyline, there is nothing to interrupt you from fully appreciating the high-quality puzzles that Yak & Co have created for us.

*** A PS4 code was provided by the publisher ***

The Good

  • Very easy to learn
  • Fun puzzles
  • Helpful description of clues

The Bad

  • Somewhat short
  • Average storyline