Tekken 7 Preview – Fighting Series Is Back And Better Than Ever

Tekken 7 Is Ready To Push Series To Next Step

Tekken is back again with the latest entry in the long-standing fighter, and let me tell you, Tekken 7 is feeling mighty fine from what I’ve gotten to play of it. The series itself has continued to refine what is already in place, considering the Tekken formula is rather popular, and in this case, I’m happy to see Namco build off of what works, rather than try and shake things up immensely. Fighting games can be tricky to innovate within, but fortunately, Tekken 7 has built upon the changes they’ve introduced before, and it works well for the series. Very, very, very well.

The newly included Rage mechanic from Tekken 6 is back, and is a huge factor in fights now. In 6, it served as a sort of “comeback” factor, where you could do added damage to help turn the tide and snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. It didn’t amount to much, but some clutch plays could result in you turning around a bad match, and it worked well within the game. It’s been seriously beefed up in Tekken 7 though, and the rage mechanic allows not only for new moves that have various properties, but it allows for even more thrilling bouts, and I look forward to what will come of the game’s competitive scene. A colleague and I were having insanely close matches in every single round we played, and it felt immensely satisfying to know that you weren’t down and out, even if you were getting outplayed in a fight. The roster features the usual suspects, along with some new inclusions, but the standout, bar none, wasn’t even a Tekken character. Akuma is a blast to play, and is a seriously refreshing face to see in a roster of familiar faces.


“I didn’t think Akuma’s moveset would mesh with Tekken, but if you had me quoted on saying that, you could tell me how wrong I’d be.”

I was initially skeptical of seeing how a Street Fighter character translated to the 3D arena of Tekken 7. I didn’t think Akuma’s moveset would mesh with Tekken, but if you had me quoted on saying that, you could tell me how wrong I’d be. During the preview, one of the developers confirmed that Akuma’s inputs work in Tekken 7, allowing those who are familiar with the character from Street Fighter to feel immediately comfortable. He also looks fantastic, and seeing the game running at a steady clip in Unreal Engine 4 is a treat for the eyes. This game is pretty, even by Tekken standards, and many stages are multi-tiered, serving for some seriously epic set pieces in each match. There’s a lot to like about Tekken 7 from what I’ve gotten my hands on, and fans of the series should be very excited for the game, once it rolls out on to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s still yet to be released, but it already feels like a very finely tuned title.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is slated to come out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but there is no clear release date set yet. Between the new move adjustments, the new characters, and just how damn satisfying it feels to play, you can bet I’m personally pretty excited for this one. With how big Capcom and Namco have been on crossovers lately, I’d love to see more Street Fighter characters get the Tekken treatment. If Akuma is any indication, they could help shake up the roster even further. Now if you’ll excuse me. I’ll be practicing back on Tekken 6 to prepare to not get my ass handed to me.