Stellar Overload Preview – Huge & Gorgeous Voxel-Based Builder

Stellar Overload Preview

Stellar Overload has recently released via Steam Early Access and I was able to get a taste of what we have in store for this voxel-based first person RPG. With a huge scope and a beautiful world, Stellar Overload definitely marks its territory as what could be one of the best open world voxel titles I’ve seen. From the background music that left me wanting an OST to a compelling (and in progress) story that can only go up from here, I’m definitely excited to watch it grow.

I wholeheartedly recommend starting off with the story mode. The tutorial really gives you a good scope on the grandeur that is to come. Not only are you eased into the controls but you’re also introduced to a very interesting, yet fairly linear, story. For those Minecraft veterans, the controls shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; they feel familiar, well executed, and very polished. With that in mind, Stellar Overload still has a few curveballs to throw at seasoned players. Your sense of exploration is your biggest form of ammunition. Once more planets get introduced I can only imagine all that will be there to discover.


“Create, destroy, and rebuild to your heart’s content.”

Once you’ve completed the roughly 3-hour story, it’s time to try your hand at Creative Mode. You’re handed every ingredient you need to create the world of your dreams. The building blocks are small and intricate, letting you get as detailed as your architectural skills will allow. I spent hours creating castles, mountains, towers, and anything else I could imagine and it was a blast. The amount of diversity was particularly impressive..

You are given a multitude of resources to create whatever your heart desires but also handed you some already completed items, buildings, and landscapes to get the ball rolling. You really get the feel that anything is possible especially when every tool is at your disposal. Create, destroy, and rebuild to your heart’s content. You’d be very hard-pressed to find yourself bored in Stellar Overload.


“The vibrant colours of the starting area pulled me in right off the bat.”

One of my favourite parts was the music. I let the game load and left the room and my roommate came in and asked what I was listening to because it sounded that great. It captures the whimsy and colour of the game’s world and adapts to the situations presented. Each area I experienced had new and melodic tunes to go with the surroundings. I often found myself just letting go of my keyboard and taking in the ambiance each time I entered a new area.

The visuals were a sight to see as well. The vibrant colours of the starting area pulled me in right off the bat. As I traversed the rest of the available world I was welcomed by colourful characters, vibrant wildlife, and a pastel sky. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend hours admiring and trying to add to the imaginative world around you.

Stellar Overload ins1

Stellar Overload is already a very solid gaming experience and I’m looking forward to each new addition the developers have to offer as they roll out. With no official release date announced as of yet, we can look forward to a wealth of updates as the lifespan of this game moves forward. At the very least, Stellar Overload will be an entertaining addition into the ever-growing voxel-based builder genre but for now, the virtual world is this developer’s oyster. We are extremely excited to see this game grow and evolve as more elements are released and are sure that it will be a fun, engaging, and unique experience for any player.

***A preview code was provided by the publisher***