The Anomaly, Ascension, and Apocalypse of Outriders: Worldslayer

Outriders: Worldslayer Preview

It’s been a while since the announcement of Outriders: Worldslayer, but the game’s first DLC is almost here. Worldslayer promises to expand upon the third-person shooter with all manner of new content and features. I was lucky enough to go hands-on with Outriders: Worldslayer to see for myself what we can expect. This DLC might just be what gamers needed to revitalize the hellish landscape of Enoch.

What is Outriders: Worldslayer?

The upcoming DLC is a continuation of the story set after the climax of Outriders. The last remnants of humanity are not out of danger yet. You’ll face new challenges from the Anomaly and an incredibly powerful new Altered who seeks revenge for your actions. The main campaign for Outriders: Worldslayer should run between four and ten hours. However, you will need to have completed the main campaign to begin the new story.

People Can Fly are aware that Worldslayer might be the jumping-off point for some players, and they didn’t want friends to be left behind. They included a feature for new players to start at level 30 at the end of the original campaign. These players begin with decent gear so they can jump into Outriders: Worldslayer with their friends who have already beaten the game. The original story is replayable to catch up on the events of Enoch.

New Gameplay Content

From a visual standpoint, Outriders: Worldslayer delves further into the alien nature of Enoch. Players will encounter new environments and creatures never seen before. During my session, I found myself face to face with enormous, mammoth-like monsters which easily dwarfed a Brood Mother in size. They featured all-new attack patterns and abilities, presenting a fantastic and engaging challenge.

Speaking of challenges, the Challenge Tier system has been enhanced and replaced with the all-new Apocalypse Tiers. Apocalypse Tiers go up to level 40. When Outriders: Worldslayer launches there will be a free update that unlocks these Apocalypse Tiers for all players, regardless if you have the DLC.

Shiny New Gear Content

What good is a looter shooter without more loot? Outriders: Worldslayer introduces Apocalypse Gear. These items are not only more powerful but will feature a third mod slot, allowing for even more chaotic combinations. Players will still only be able to swap out one mod on an item, so grinding for Apocalypse Gear will be a must. There will of course be a host of new Mods available, and the new Max Gear level cap is 75.

Players will be able to farm Apocalypse Gear in the base game content; it isn’t restricted to Worldslayer. People Can Fly also said that those who have completed the base game before Outriders: Worldslayer launches can expect some special content.

There are four new non-class-specific Legendary armor sets, as well as two new Legendary armor sets per class. Players can also expect close to 100 new Legendary items, each with a unique mod to add to your collection.

Playing those higher Apocalypse Tier modes obviously means stronger loot. For those curious, if you go into Outriders: Worldslayer with a perfect build at World Tier 15, that is roughly equivalent to Apocalypse Tier 18 out of the maximum 40.

What to Expect from Worldslayer’s End Game

Outriders’ end game has drawn the biggest criticism, as Expeditions can only be replayed so many times before getting old. Outriders: Worldslayer adds new end game loot. The existing Expeditions will have greater difficulty alongside the Apocalypse Tiers. It was also teased that a new game mode will be coming to Outriders called the Trial of Tarya Gratar, but what it will entail has yet to be confirmed.

A welcome addition to the end game is Ascension. This is the opportunity to further enhance your Outrider beyond the level cap. Leveling up will unlock points that can be placed in Ascension stats. There are four branches, each with five different nodes to enhance and upgrade your Outrider’s potential. In total, players can unlock 200 points to put into these branches. And as before, it’s free to respec them at any time. The developers estimate it will take over 300 hours of gameplay to unlock all 200 points.

Explore Your Powers

Outside of the Ascension upgrades, players beginning their journey into Outriders: Worldslayer will gain access to the Pax Class Trees. Each of the four classes will gain two new branching skill trees that allow for further customization. This allows players to create unique sub-class builds that can only be accessed through unlocking Pax Points, made available when progressing the Worldslayer campaign. These Pax trees are shorter branches, but each node is a significant upgrade equal to the major nodes of the other perk trees. It’s free to respec these Pax Class Trees just like the others. This will open up new and diverse ways to play.

Outriders: Worldslayer is taking huge steps to offer more of what the players want: more enemies, more locations, more loot, bigger and badder gear, and all new end game content. It’s a great improvement over the New Horizon update and it might just be enough to draw players back to Enoch after a long period of silence.

Outriders: Worldslayer is set to release on June 30th and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Stadia, GeForce NOW, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with crossplay across all platforms. For more information on Outriders, keep it locked on COGconnected.