Top 5 Video Games Scheduled to Arrive February 2018

The Best Video Game Releases for February 2018

With the end of January upon us, we start to look ahead to the biggest games of February 2018. While January 2018 had a bevy of big name games such as Monster Hunter: World, Dragonball FighterZ, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, February has no shortage of interesting games. Let’s look at the biggest and brightest of February 2018.

Crossing Souls screenshot

Shadow of the Colossus – PS4 – Feb 6

Originally developed by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico, Shadow of the Colossus makes its big return on the PS4 after being remade by Bluepoint Games. If taking down gigantic monsters to resurrect a girl interests you, look no further. Aside from the general premise, Shadow of the Colosus features a beautiful aesthetic and a unique gameplay style for its time.

EA Sports UFC 3 – PS4, XB1 – Feb 2

EA Sports is back with its third UFC game, EA Sports UFC 3, now with over 5,000 new animations, a new G.O.A.T career mode, a Tournament Mode, and an Ultimate Team mode. With some of the biggest stars in the UFC such as Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, the game is sure to have some of your favorite fighters while some fighters that may be missing could make their way into the game in future updates. The game’s Champions Edition releases on January 30, but otherwise releases on February 2 for everyone else.