Top Five Video Games Releasing in April 2019

Days Gone – PS4 – April 26

Some games have delays. This is known. This is also, for the most part, met with dread and apprehension. However, the delays that Days Gone has faced might just be one of those rare times where those delays really are just to bring a better, more polished game. Hopefully, that’s the case for this action-adventure survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. Either way, it’s one to watch out for.

Dauntless – PC, PS4, X1, Switch – TBA

There are few more tenuous words than “free-to-play” in the gaming lexicon. What does that mean nowadays—endless lootboxes and locked content, microtransations, or content walls? Or could it be that rarest of all beings—a fulfilling gameplay experience that doesn’t eat you out of house and home? Regardless of which Dauntless turns out to be, it’s got developers with credits from some of the best games of the last decade and cool, fun premise and gameplay that looks to be a good time. Having personally demoed it myself at PAX 2018, I thought then that it had serious potential, and we might see it go far, even if we don’t know exactly when in April it’s coming out yet.

Super Meat Boy Forever – PC, PS4, X1, Switch, Mobile – TBA

Dauntless isn’t the only game whose April release date still remains a tantalizing mystery. For fans of indie hits and challenging menaces, Super Meat Boy Forever promises a continuation of the now-beloved now-franchise. Originally intended as a mobile-only version, Super Meat Boy Forever is a full game of its own, ready to take on the gaming community with a new control scheme and randomly generated levels. Keep your eyes peeled for this meat.

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