Anthem: EA and BioWare’s Last Chance at Getting it Right and How they Do It

5. Create Likable Characters

Battlefront 2’s campaign mode wasn’t without its likable characters, and Bioware has given us some great party members both in Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but for Anthem to fire on all cylinders we need to see some recurring, compelling, likable characters. Chances are the protagonist will be the typical nameless hero, so those we encounter need to be people we care about helping. Some gamers don’t want a multiplayer experience, they want to get lost in the mythos of a new world, so populating said world with one-liner NPCs will get you nowhere fast. Tell us a story, make us care about the people around us.

6. Customizable Javelins

Javelins are the driving key to Anthem’s success: they look like Iron-Man’ badass cousin. My ears perked up as soon as I heard “these suits are heavily customizable, so they look and play the way you want.” Customization is of vital importance in games these days, and given the potential for these suits, there needs to be hundreds of options. Late game, players will expect to grind for gear, crafting parts, etc, so making a Javelin unique is vital. Players want options, and if “heavily customizable” translates to a dozen variants of chest, arm, leg, and helmet armor, fans will be disappointed. We need to see customization options for each plate of armor, ornaments, paint jobs, the works. If the Javelin does not have extensive cosmetic customization options, a lot of players will find something else to do.

7. Look To The Source Material

As previously mentioned, Anthem feels like an amalgamation of Destiny and Mass Effect, two games that are incredible, and the concept of mashing them together to create a game like Anthem makes us salivate. These games might not be perfect, but the sheer raw potential we have seen for Anthem tells us this can be done, and done right. The most important part of using these games as inspiration is looking closely at the source material themselves: what worked and didn’t work for Destiny and Mass Effect? Bioware has kept us in the dark on a number of things about Anthem, so while it’s too early to judge, we have to hope they took a very long look at both source games and saw just what made them perform so well. Everything they shouldn’t do on this list has happened in either a Destiny or Mass Effect game at some point, so here is hoping they take the time to realize what we actually want. This brings me to my final point…


8. Listen To The Fans

Everything on this list boils down to this: listen to the fans. We are the ones who know what we want, and while the overwhelming negativity towards Battlefront 2 might not make EA feel too receptive to criticism, it is monumentally important that Anthem is a success. This could very well be the turning point for EA. What does it mean to listen to the fans? Read the forums, host constant betas, and keep us in the loop every step of the way so we can provide the feedback necessary for you to deliver the product that will undoubtedly dominate our consoles upon release.

I’ve watched the trailer a few times over again to remember just what EA is promising to deliver. I still get this incredible rush of excitement at what they are promising me, as a gamer, but the reality is it’s hard to remain optimistic given recent history. What did you think of our list? What do you want to see in Anthem for it to succeed? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.