PAX West 2017: The Top 5 Reasons to Be Excited for The Swords of Ditto

The Top 5 Reasons to be Excited for The Swords of Ditto

Swinging your sword to save the kingdom has never been more adorable or charming than Onebitbeyond’s The Swords of Ditto. This has been an indie title to watch ever since we first got our hands on it at E3 2017, and even in the short time between then and now, the game has seen vast improvements all around. The more you hear about The Swords of Ditto, expect to hear the words adorable, charming, and fun, frequently. What does this game have that makes it such a must-play title? Here are the top 5 reasons to be hyped for The Swords of Ditto!

5. Legend of Inspiration

Gamers who know the joys of the Super Nintendo (and those waiting for the SNES Classic) should be familiar with one of the most iconic games in the Legend of Zelda series: A Link to the Past. The camera angle, puzzle solving, plethora of weapons and skills, and themed dungeons that made the classic adventure delightful are all present in Swords of Ditto but are displayed with such a fresh and unique art style that it’s fair to call Zelda the games core inspiration. In fact, the art style itself is reminiscent of popular cartoons such as Adventure Time, yet it still carries that special something to make it stand out in a fantastic way. When making an adventure game, being inspired by the iconic Zelda series can only be a good thing, especially when a title like this does it justice.

4. Bring a Friend!

Swords of Ditto is at its best playing with a friend, but sometimes your best buddy just isn’t available. Onebitbeyond, however, gives the game a fantastic drop-in system when it’s time to save the land! Currency is shared between active players, and stickers – a means of upgrading your hero and adding abilities – can be equipped to both characters at a time. While the main story will revolve around player one, the second player is able to jump in and out with a randomly generated appearance and be at no disadvantage to the game. In fact, puzzles in dungeons and swarms of enemies are dealt with much more effectively when you have someone to elbow on the couch with you, not to mention when one player dies they can be resurrected with an adorable hug animation while sacrificing half of your health. It’s the kind of co-op experience literally any age can enjoy.

The Swords of Ditto

3. Find Your Inner Child

Alongside the charming (there’s that word again!) presentation of the game comes a few features to bring you back to your childhood in a simple and nostalgic way: stickers and toys. Stickers are found randomly and can be purchased in the sticker shop. These are applied to the heroes gear and sword to add stats and abilities. Think about when you were a child and probably slapped stickers on anything and everything, now imagine putting them all over yourself and each stick imbues you with stackable powers. That is how this system works and it works well. Toys, however, are an entirely other story. Whereas Link may discover tools and weapons, the Swords of Ditto find toys such as a golf club, laser gun, and a large number of entertaining toys to help you defeat enemies and dungeons alike. Each toy will have its own dungeon required to defeat it. Onebitbeyond takes this love of classic toys and nostalgia one step further with their fast travel system: players will blow a kazoo and summon a school bus through a portal to take them to their destination. It’s all kinds of fun to watch and manages to balance the childish nature of toys and stickers with the importance and function of standard action-adventure RPG gear.

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