Top 10 PS4 Horror Games to Creep You Out this Halloween

Top 10 PS4 Horror Games to Creep You Out this Halloween

Fall is in the air, the days are getting shorter, clowns are running rampant across North America…it must be that time of year again…Halloween. While the kids prepare to gorge themselves on snack sized snickers (with all the convenient leftovers going to you-know-who) we’re busy prepping a list of the scariest games available on PS4. Because Halloween isn’t Halloween without a few nights of scaring yourself stupid at 2am by watching your virtual self be stalked and mutilated by the creepiest beings imaginable. Well on that high note, here’s our top 10 horror games to freak you out on the PlayStation 4.


10 – Layers of Fear

*** REVIEW ***

From the very beginning Layers of Fear’s brand of Victorian horror feels fully realized. As a troubled painter struggling to complete your Magnus Opus, you return to your home with crippling anxiety and hallucinations. Hallways become nightmarish labyrinths filled with frightening images and reminders of the horrible lengths you’ve gone to for the sake of art. Progressing through the story means uncovering more and more horrors around the painter and his family.

Layers of Fear Horror Games


9 – Emily Wants to Play

So this pizza guy is on the last delivery of his night and runs into something entirely unexpected; no that’s not the plot line to some terrible X-rated film, it’s the premise of Emily Wants to Play, where every hour could mean life or death. Trapped in the house, each hour passes with a new toy coming to life to both terrify and murder you (in that order). It’s your job to survive the night using nothing but your wits and quick reflexes. Good luck noble pizza boy.

Emily Wants to Play Horror Games


8 – The Last of Us

*** REVIEW ***

Anyone who says The Last of Us isn’t scary hasn’t played on Grounded difficulty. Try running into a dark room full of clickers with no idea how many bullets you have, and absolutely no ability to track where these guys are. There is no health, only alive or dead. A serious lack of resources turns The Last of Us into what it always should have been, a desperate attempt at survival where even the slightest wrong move means death. You’ll never look at The Last of Us the same way again.

The Last of Us Remastered Horror Games

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