The Top 10 Games of 2019 So Far…

7) The Division 2

At the end of the day all we really want from a game is to have fun, right? Well that’s exactly what Ubisoft gave us with The Division 2. They took all of the criticism from the first game in the series and built something amazing here. As such, the sequel easily tops its predecessor and offers up a meaty experience that is sure to suck you in. Our review says, “The Division 2 sets a new bar for online loot shooters with fun and diverse encounter design, and more importantly, once again sets the expectation of releasing a feature complete product.”

6) A Plague Tale: Innocence

Get ready for an emotional gut punch with A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game is immersive, intense and sinister. And why? Well it all takes place during the hundred years war, complete with the outbreak of the plague. Tasked with escaping the horrors of the times and getting your brother to safety, this game is nothing, if not intricately designed, both in gameplay and aesthetics. Regardless of whether it’s received the recognition it deserves so far, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was a game that was vying for one or more awards at the end of the year.

a plague tale

5) Cadence of Hyrule

After being out for over two full years now, the Nintendo Switch is finally starting to buff up its line up of titles and Cadence of Hyrule adds a ton of fun to the console, bringing another hugely entertaining Zelda title to the table. Both The Legend of Zelda and Crypt of the Necrodancer lend hugely to the gameplay and style here and that is 100% a good thing. Of course it doesn’t hurt that you can play the game as Cadence or Zelda, since both women are such badasses. Our review raves about the game saying, “Cadence of Hyrule is the Legend of Zelda game I didn’t know I wanted, and now can’t live without. It’s perfect for both bus rides and extended eyebleed caliber play sessions has the raddest soundtrack of the year, and is randomly generated to ensure infinite replayability.”

4) Kingdom Hearts III

After 13 long, long years the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been set afire yet again. Those who loved the series before can find a million reasons to love it all over again and newcomers can experience why it was so beloved in the first place. Kingdom Hearts III brings all of those nostalgic feelings to the forefront whilst adding brand new Disney worlds from recent films in order to provide an entertaining experience from beginning to end. From over the top combat to a massive and intricate storyline and mini games that are fun as hell, Kingdom Hearts III is undoubtedly one of the best games of the year.