The Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures You’ll Face in Fallout 76

These 10 Fallout 76 Creatures Are the Stuff of Nuclear Nightmares

Fallout 76 might change a lot of the Fallout formula, but one thing remains the same – those crazy, irradiated monsters that have made the series great are back, and more radioactive than ever. In fact, Fallout 76’s West Virginian wasteland has more deadly creatures per capita than any title in the series yet. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a list of the Top 10 most horrifying, vicious, and just downright vomit-inducing creatures you’ll face in your wanderings through Fallout 76. So grab a Nuka Cola and come with us as we take a terrifying tour of the endless waking nightmare that awaits you.


These pasty-faced people-eaters are loosely based on mythical creatures from Algonquin lore. But in their recent video entitled “Curse of the Wendigo,” Bethesda explains that the Wendigo of Fallout 76 are the unfortunate result of – surprise surprise – radiation from a nuclear meltdown. Make no mistake – Wendigos are more than simple Feral Ghouls; they look way scarier and they’re apparently possessed by an intense hunger for human flesh, ie. you. If you see these emaciated freaks racing toward you, either run or be prepared for the fight of your life.


In Fallout 76, the Scorched are like a new faction of semi-intelligent Ghouls. Able to wield weapons and even speak a few words, they’re like a more hellish version of the Raiders from previous Fallout games. But just because they might appear a bit more human than traditional Ghouls, don’t expect to be able to reason with the Scorched – they are violently hostile to everyone and everything they encounter, and they’ll gleefully tear you limb from limb at the drop of a hat.

Fallout 76

Mega Sloth

Mega Sloths, new to Fallout 76, might seem at first glance to be not so bad. They look a lot like sloths in real life, so you’d be forgiven for expecting them to be slow, chill … maybe even a bit cuddly, right? But you’d be soooo wrong. These guys are gigantic – over nine feet tall –¬†they have razor-sharp teeth, and they are three-clawed on each appendage. Plus, unlike real sloths, these mutated monsters can apparently run very fast and are aggressive; put it all together and Mega Sloths will put a major hurt on you if you’re unfortunate enough to be caught by them.

Fallout 76

Flatwoods Monster

Another new folklore-based addition to Fallout 76, Flatwoods Monsters are strange, pink and purple alien-looking creatures that lack a lower body, so they hover or float above the ground. Apparently. they are based on a supposed incident in which kids saw an alien crash in the 1950s. These freaky weirdos will make your travels in West Virginia very dangerous, so try not to confront them alone. We at COGconnected have encountered more than our share ourselves – in fact, you can check out our video as we take one down below!

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