Top 10 Badasses That Need To Make An Appearance In A Fighting Game


4. Bomberman


Ah the forgotten video game icon of the 80s, so much potential mismanaged into the ground by Konami. The only way to reinvigorate the franchise would be to place the White Bomber in a fighting game along with a mash-up of great video game heroes. Bomberman could control space by using his various bombs and traps to make his opponent think twice about taking a wrong step. Just make sure not to trap yourself in a corner with your own bomb (which always happens).

Fatality: His name is “Bomberman”, use your imagination.


3. Jack Cayman (Mad World)

Jack Cayman (Mad World)

Listen to this, Jack kills people for others’ entertainment and has a chainsaw for a hand. How has this guy not been in a fighting game? Slamming opponents into spikes or spearing them in the face with street signs is Jack’s specialty and could even fill the role of a grappler with his various throws and body slams. Of all the characters on this list, he’s the one I would bring to a bar fight.

Fatality: Jack has 15 finishers with names like “ghetto guillotine” and “neck cracker”; let’s just use them all!


2.       Bayonetta


You knew this fine lady would be on the list. Kicking ass never looked so good, and all without breaking a heel.  Aside from the dual pistols, magical high kicks, and hair summons, narrowly evading attacks can briefly slow time for Bayonetta in order to deal heavy damage on her opponent. Payback is a bitch.

Fatality: Summon Gohmorrah to take a bite out of crime.