The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from March 2023

The Bad

Bleak Faith Forsaken

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A cursory glance at COGconnected’s review of Bleak Faith Forsaken made me guess it was a pretty generic Soulslike. It’s generic world turned out to be the highlight, because it’s other aspects are undercooked. The narrative/ world lore is non-existent. And the combat is awful. There are so many technical issues that, right now, the game feels unfinished. Our reviewer concluded “Bleak Faith Forsaken is all window dressing”, and when I looked at it, I thought it looked pretty bland.

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

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Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo does a few things really well. It has a compelling narrative, presented in a unique way. Its visuals have a great attention to detail, and a unique presentation. Its gameplay combines Japanese visual novels with old school PC point-and-click adventure games. But the game was designed for PC and the Switch port has a frustrating interface, to the point that it’s almost unplayable. Our reviewer pinpointed that “the game needs a patch with cursor sensitivity options at the very minimum, but even that fix would still make for a lazy port.” The player has to be able to select options in the menu without an insane level of frustration. That’s below bare-minimum.

Scars Above

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Scars Above is another generic Soulslike. It takes place on an oppressive alien world, which is unique to the genre, but just looks like a poor man’s Returnal. That’s the main issue with Scars Above: it’s not awful, but has too many familiar game tropes. And its lower budget reveals itself all throughout the game. It’s a game that aspires to be a popular triple-A title, but just copies a bunch of popular game tropes, and doesn’t innovate anything. Our reviewer’s quote “just being adequate is a tough sell” sums it up perfectly. If you’re starved for more Soulslike games, Scars Above might be worth checking out, but there are too many better options out there.

Do you agree with our The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from March 2022? What were your favorite games that didn’t make our top 3? Let us know in the comments.

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