The Top 10 Multiplayer Video Games of 2018

The Top 10 Multiplayer Video Games of 2018

While 2018 was home to some absolutely epic single player experiences such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War, there were also some stellar multiplayer games as well. From intense first-person shooters to fast-paced racers to not-so-boring board games – 2018 produced a ton of fun opportunities to game with others. Whether you were competing across the world or across the living room, against friends you know or friends you just met, multiplayer gaming continues to be a huge part of video games, and this list of the top ten multiplayer games of 2018 proves just that.

Fortnite Save the World Skins

Let’s get this list started with a seriously smashing good time!

10) Wreckfest

“I mean seriously, it’s a fun destruction derby.”

If you’re looking to unleash a little road rage on your buddies, then look no further than Wreckfest – a demolition derby style racer with some awesome destruction effects.

9) Fortnite

“an absolute cultural phenomenon, this had to be on the list. It’s a thing that does that battle royale thing, but with purple lamas.”

The game that taught our young generation the dance moves of yesterday – and that more recent flossing garbage. Fortnite is the king of the castle of the battle royale franchise… but we do have another contender to the crown on this list (and no, it’s not PUBG… come on people…).

8) Laser League

“old school multiplayer mayhem with some really cool mechanics, and lasers!”

Fast, frantic, and more lasers than a Pink Floyd laser light show – Laser League is a blast to play. Plus with over 150 characters to choose from and a vast assortment of maps, you’ll have plenty of content to enjoy while blasting your friends.

7) A Way Out

“a multiplayer experiment that doesn’t always work, but is ambitious and entertaining nonetheless. Playing with someone you know well makes a way out pretty memorable.”

Huge props to EA for publishing this treat by Hazelight Studios. It’s rare we get a unique co-op experience like this – a game that puts you and a buddy through a compelling story. A Way Out is worth a playthrough, especially when played with a friend.

6) Monster Hunter: World

“Finding the right group of people turns Monster Hunter: World into one of the best multiplayer games in years. planning and executing the perfect monster takedown is a lot of fun.”

The Monster Hunter franchise makes an epic splash with Monster Hunter: World. Sure, you could go it alone – but it’s teamwork with a group of friends that really makes this adventure feel so damn perfect.

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