10 Things We Love About The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners PSVR

4.) Weapon Heft

Don’t know how they did it, but Sky Dance has managed to make the difference in heft between one and two handed weapons even with the limited abilities of the Move controllers. Stabbing with a knife or screwdriver feels swift and light while swinging an ax is slower, less accurate and very unwieldy with one hand. Even with two hands going Jack Nicholson AKA Shining is a slower process than using a knife and requires more effort. The sense of weight supplied to melee weapons is uncanny and very immersive.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

5.) Gameplay Progression

Game progression is based on daily progression. Each day you spend foraging for items and/or progressing the story becomes harder. Every new day means less items available to scavenge and more zombies to contend with. This forces you to strategize and prioritize how you approach each day – at each dawn and nightfall. Should you call it a day or try one more scavenging run to pick up items you didn’t have room for in your inventory.

6.) End of Day Mechanic

As each day winds down and darkness comes, you have to return to the safety of your home base. The longer you stay out, the greater the danger becomes. To add urgency to your return, an alarm sounds, and then the town bell begins to chime. All of this adds to the tension of you making it back home safely and on time.

7.) Home Base/Crafting

Your home base is a broken down school bus inside a New Orleans cemetery. How cool is that? All the bodies are buried above ground because of the high water table so you feel like you are in the middle of a lost city of the dead. Back at the bus the gathering up of items and scraps of broken tools or weapons has real purpose because it is here at the crafting tables you take your daily haul and convert them into better weapons and medicines to help you face the challenge of the next day. It’s all laid out elegantly at each table where each crafting item is presented as a card or page out of a shopping catalogue. No need to burrow down into sub menus that take you away from the game world.

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